Summoners War – Bingo Event, Fire Martial Cat SD, and Much More in Patch 6.2.4

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Com2us is gearing up for the 7th anniversary of its world-renowned turn-based RPG collector game Summoners War: Sky Arena. It’s a big deal for a game, much more a mobile game, to complete 7 successful years in such a competitive market of RPG games. 

Summoners War has always been a backbone for Com2us and they are constantly updating the game with new content and tons of Quality of Life changes with every patch.  With every forthcoming patch, Com2Us are trying their best to release more content or improve existing ones. In this Patch, we will look at some new changes coming for the betterment of the existing Repeat Battle Function which was recently added to the 7-year old RPG. Alongside improving existing features, a new Bingo Event and Secret dungeon for 3-Star Fire Martial Cat are coming. 

Bingo Event

This event features juicy rewards including but not limited to Mystical Scrolls, Ancient Coins, Reappraisal Stone, Devilmon, Crystals, Water/Wind/Fire Summoning Scroll (1 of each), and tons of energy. These rewards can be obtained via different ways – completing daily missions, completing certain bingo lines for rewards, and exchanging received Bingo tickets for rewards in the Bingo Exchange Shop. Let’s study the event in detail.


Summoners War – Bingo Event, Fire Martial Cat SD, and Much More in Patch 6.2.4

Event 1 (Daily Missions)

These are the missions that can be repeatedly done daily by the players after the server reset. Players who complete these missions daily will receive rewards in the form of mana, energy, and a Bingo ticket. Here is a brief list of all the missions available – 

  1. Check-in 1 time.
  2. Enter the World Boss 3 times.
  3. Enter the Scenario 10 times.
  4. Enter the Rift dungeon + Rift Raid 10 times in total.
  5. Enter the Arena + World Arena 10/15 times.
  6. Enter the Caiross Dungeon 10/20/30 times.

However, Com2US has made the following points clear:-

  1. Entering dimensional rift won’t count the same as entering the scenario
  2. Entering a secret dungeon or hall of heroes will count for caiross dungeon
  3. Goodwill battles won’t count for the mission of entering the world arena


  • 1 Bingo line completed: 100,000 mana stones + 1 Bingo ticket
  • 2 Bingo lines completed: 100 energy + 1 Bingo ticket
  • 3 Bingo lines completed: 1 Mystical Scroll + 1 Bingo ticket

Summoners War – Bingo Event, Fire Martial Cat SD, and Much More in Patch 6.2.4

Event 2 (Exchange Bingo tickets)

Players can exchange their collected Bingo tickets in the Bingo exchange shop. The rewards available with their respective bingo tickets required are as follows:-

  • 1 Ticket: 200,000 Mana stones (Can be exchanged up to 5 times)
  • 2 Tickets: 50 summoning stones (Can be exchanged up to 3 times)
  • 2 Tickets: 25 Ancient Coins (Can be exchanged up to 2 times)
  • 3 Tickets: 50 Crystals (Can be exchanged up to 3 times)
  • 6 Tickets: 1 Reappraisal Stone (Can be exchanged up to 1 time)
  • 12 Tickets: 1 Devilmon (Can be exchanged up to 1 time)

Summoners War – Bingo Event, Fire Martial Cat SD, and Much More in Patch 6.2.4

Event 3 (Bonus Missions)

Apart from the usual daily missions, players can also take upon bonus missions to speed up their progress of ticket-collecting as well as to gain some additional rewards. Here are the following available bonus missions:

  • Enter the Dimensional Hole 30 times, or
  • Enter the Guild content 30 times


Players can complete these bonus missions and earn rewards according to the number of times they completed them:

10 times: EXP Booster(24 Hours) x1

20 times: 5-Star Rainbowmon x1

50 times: Water/Wind/Fire Summoning Scroll (1 each)

Patch 6.2.4 Changes

An error was found with the Critical Hit rate being higher than it should be for the first hit and it has been fixed. This bug caused a lot of distress to players in Arena and Guild Wars and hence, a compensation of Rune Power-Up Stones x500 and 1,000,000 mana stones will be sent to all the players on every server. The items will be available in the player’s mailbox after the update until 31st March 2021. 

Rune and Artifact Enhancement Improvements

  • The power-up speeds for both runes and artifacts have been increased. The rates of an upgrade, however, remain the same.
  • Rune sub-property power up and granting effects are enhanced.
  • A free rune and artifact removal event will be held after Patch 6.2.4 and will be in effect till 31St March 2021.

Fuse Center Changes and Improvements

  • A new function is added which lets players break down higher essences into lower essences. 
  • The amount of essences and cost of breakdown is as follows:

1 Mid Essence = 3 Low Essence (2,000 mana stones)

1 High Essence = 3 Mid Essence (10,000 mana stones)

  • The cost of fusing essences has also been adjusted. Fusing essences of lower quality to make higher essences will now consume less of the lower essences for the same amount of mana stone cost. These are the changes:

Before  = 10 Low Essence fused for 1 Mid Essence (2,000 mana stones)

After = 5 Low Essence fused for 1 Mid Essence (2,000 mana stones)

Before = 10 Mid Essences fused for 1 High Essence (10,000 mana stones)

After = 5 Mid Essences fused for 1 High Essence (10,000 mana stones

Rift Raid Grindstone/ Gem Select and Sell option

Players will now be able to select and sell the obtained grindstone and gemstone from the Rift raids when using the Repeat Battle method. 

Repeat Battle Improvements

Players can now farm the Secret Dungeons using the Repeat Battle system. Earlier, caiross dungeon was only able to provide the rune farming bosses for players to play using repeat battle. 

Well, now com2us realized they can profit more by letting players burn their energy more! They are now introducing Secret Dungeon to be played via the Repeat Battle system. Also with that, they are announcing a new Secret dungeon for the 3-Star Fire Martial Cat

Other Miscellaneous Changes and Fixes

Apart from the above-mentioned changes and fixes, improvements in other aspects of the game are also being made. Battle and loading times are being increased to load the game much faster and play smoother. The Fusion Hexagram is being upgraded to display the heroes which are required for fusion are acquired or not, and if acquired, their location (monster storage, box, shrine, etc). Monster sorting function which allows players to sort monsters when upgrading them is also coming with this Patch. Many more champion bug fixes and skill typos are also being fixed. The whole list of changes that are coming can be seen on their official website!

That is all the news we have for this Patch! Stay tuned for future updates on all the events and happenings at Summoners War! We recommend playing Summoners War on PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse.

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