Com2uS has pushed out an update for its turn-based strategy MMORPG, Summoners War: Sky Arena. The new update version 6.4.3 is now available in both Apple App Store and Google Play, and therefore, users can upgrade their games now. 

However, players must make sure their data has been saved by returning to the village before updating Summoners War: Sky Arena. The new Halloween update has brought a bunch of new additions like new special events and a monster. 

Therefore, summoners should access their updated games to have a look at the following additions:

New Monster – Totemist

Totemist is the new 5-star fusion monster that supports allies with the mysterious power of totem. The new fusion monster also boasts an additional fourth skill compared to the other ones who have three. Players can use the fourth skill after activating the totem. 

Although Totemist falls into the support monster category, players can activate a powerful attack skill to showcase a variety of charms. However, it is essential to note that the users have to complete a specific set of conditions to activate the attack skill. 

New Monster Fusion Combo and Ghoulish costumes

Fusion Combinations

The new update of Summoners War: Sky Arena has added three new monster fusion combinations. For example, players can use Dryad and Neostone Agent with the new monster Totemist. 

Furthermore, a Wind Totemist can be acquired with a fusion of a default 4-star Wind Dryad, Water Neostone Agent, Fire Vampire, and Wind Griffon. In addition, summoners can increase the summoning rate of the new Monster with a Special Summon.


A variety of ghoulish costumes are available in-game, which players can use to dress up their monsters. These include Demon, Beat Monk, and Paladin. There are various other items such as pumpkin candy baskets, masks, and chainsaws with a Halloween theme seen in Summoners War: Sky Arena. Along with costumes, various new events have made their way to the game. 

New events

Summoners War: Sky Arena New Halloween Update Brings a New Monster, New Costumes, Special Events, and Many More

New Monster Update Special Event

The event was started immediately after the new Summoners War: Sky Arena update was rolled out in each server and is expected to end on November 3, 2021, at 7:59 (PDT). However, the rewards will be available in-game for an additional 24 hours. 

The new event requires users to acquire some points after completing some tasks to redeem rewards.


  • Summon a default 3-star Monster once: one point
  • Summon a default 4-star or above Monster once: 15 points
  • Fuse a default five-star Monster once: 50 points


  • 200,000 Mana Stone at 10 points 
  • 100 Energy at 30 points
  • Two Mystical Scrolls at 60 points
  • 100 Crystals at 90 points
  • Five Mystical Scrolls at 120 points
  • Ten Mystical Scrolls 150 points
  • One Legendary Scroll at 200 points

Bonus Mystical Scroll Event

Bonus Mystical Scroll Event also started alongside the previous event and will culminate along with it. Whenever players use 10 Mystical Scrolls, the event grants an additional one. 

Trick or Treat! (Halloween Event)

Summoners War: Sky Arena New Halloween Update Brings a New Monster, New Costumes, Special Events, and Many More

A new Halloween event is now Live in Summoners War: Sky Arena, which started on October 24, 2021, at 19:00 (PDT). Players will have to collect candy to open up the pumpkins and get rewards. There will be a daily mission along with three bonus missions to collect candies.

Daily mission

Dropped from Scenario of all areas/ Cairos Dungeon/ Rift Dungeon/ Rift Raid/ Dimension Hole: 20 Halloween Candies (maximum)

  • The daily mission will grant a maximum of 20 candies each day and will reset every day at 8:00 (PDT)
  • Players at level 49 or lower will get five free candies as a check-in reward each day, and benefits will continue even after reaching level 50.

Bonus missions

There will be three following bonus missions in the Halloween event of Summoners War: Sky Arena:

  • Enter the Dimension Hole 30 times: 10 Halloween Candies 
  • Enter the Arena + World Arena 50 times: 10 Halloween Candies 
  • Enter the Guild Contents 30 times: 10 Halloween Candies 


After collecting the candies, players can head to the event page and start opening up the pumpkins. Each turn will take five candies, and players can acquire the following gifts:

  • One Devilmon – One Pumpkin space
  • One Reappraisal Stone – One Pumpkin space
  • One 6-star Legend Rune x1 – One Pumpkin space
  • One Legend Artifact -One Pumpkin space
  • One 5-star Rainbowmon (Lv.1) – One Pumpkin space
  • One 4-star Rainbowmon (Lv.1) – One Pumpkin space
  • One 3-star Rainbowmon (Lv. 1) – Two Pumpkin spaces
  • 50 Ancient Coins – One Pumpkin space
  • Three Mystical Scroll – One Pumpkin space
  • One Pumpkin space Mystical Scroll – One Pumpkin space
  • One Fire Scroll – One Pumpkin space
  • One Water Scroll – One Pumpkin space
  • One Wind Scroll – One Pumpkin space
  • 100 Summoning Stones – One Pumpkin space
  • One EXP Booster (12h) – One Pumpkin space
  • 100 Crystals – One Pumpkin space
  • 50 Crystals – Two Pumpkin spaces
  • 500,000 Mana Stones – One Pumpkin space
  • 100,000 Mana Stone – Two Pumpkin spaces
  • 200 Energy – One Pumpkin space 
  • 100 Energy – Two Pumpkin spaces
  • 20,000 Mana Stones – Exchangeable for one Halloween Candy
  • 50 Energy – Exchangeable for 10 Halloween candies

Developers will send each reward to the inbox, and the event will culminate on November 7, 2021, at 6:59 (PDT), while the gifts will be available till November 8, 2021, at 6:59 (PDT). 

Other events

The list of other events that are currently Live in Summoners War: Sky Arena is given below:

  • SWC2021 Regional Cup Prediction Event
  • Cooking & Cosplay Party! (Halloween Event)
  • Party Mission Event
  • Devilmon Party Event
  • Transcendence Summoning Piece (Giveaway Event)
  • SWC2021 Online Support Event
  • Chakram Dancer & Boomerang Warrior (Transmogrification Gift Event)
  • Daily Energy Gifts!