We bring to you the latest and most anticipated update for Summoners War – version 8.0.5! The world of Mana Crystals is about to undergo a transformative journey, filled with epic battles, new strategies, and refined gameplay. In this article, the highlights of this update, featuring skill adjustments, awakening effects, leader skill changes, improved Skill AI, and bug fixes for some of your favorite monsters. Brace yourselves for an unparalleled gaming experience together with the seamless gaming platform of Bluestacks (bluestacks.com)!

Skill Balancing – Mastering the Art of War

The 8.0.5 update brings skill balancing for select monsters, ensuring that each one plays a crucial role in your strategic victories. The Onmyouji’s ability to decrease the skill cooldown time for a fallen ally opens up new tactical possibilities. In the heat of battle, every turn counts, and this skill can be the game-changer that turns defeat into victory. Players can now plan their team composition around Onmyouji’s support role, creating diverse and powerful strategies to face any challenge.

Upcoming Updates on Summoners Wars 8.05

Meanwhile, the Battle Angel’s devastating damage boost, linked to the enemy’s harmful effects, guarantees awe-inspiring battles. Picture your opponents reeling under the relentless assault of Battle Angel as she capitalizes on the harmful effects you meticulously inflicted upon them. As a skilled Summoner, you will now be able to manipulate the battlefield even more, strategically applying debuffs to maximize Battle Angel’s impact.

Occult Girl’s new skill, increasing Defense and Attack Speed for allies, turns her into a formidable support asset. In team battles, her presence becomes more invaluable than ever before. The enhanced Defense protects your team from incoming damage, while the increased Attack Speed ensures that your allies strike first, gaining the upper hand in every encounter. Assemble your team of monsters carefully, and Occult Girl will prove to be an invaluable ally in the heat of battle.

Upcoming Updates on Summoners Wars 8.05

And let’s not forget the Art Master’s newly acquired ability to prevent enemy counterattacks – a game-changer indeed! With this newfound power, the Art Master ensures that your team maintains its momentum, free from the threat of counterattacks. Plan your attacks carefully, and the enemy will find it challenging to retaliate against your strategic prowess.

Awakening Effect – Awaken the True Potential

Prepare to unleash the true potential of your monsters through revamped awakening effects. Ezio Steel Commander’s heightened Critical Rate and Attack Speed amplify his prowess on the battlefield, making him a force to be reckoned with. As a natural-born leader, Ezio Steel Commander now takes center stage, inspiring your team to strike swiftly and decisively. Combined with a boost in Critical Rate, Ezio’s strikes will pierce through enemy defenses, leaving a trail of victory in his wake.

Upcoming Updates on Summoners Wars 8.05

RYU Striker’s increased Resistance and Accuracy give you greater control over your battles, allowing you to withstand enemy debuffs while accurately landing crucial hits. As a tactical genius, you can now manipulate the battlefield in your favor, strategically nullifying your opponent’s attempts to debilitate your team. RYU Striker’s presence grants your team the resilience and precision needed to overcome even the toughest adversaries.

The Harpy’s improved Crow Hunt Skill brings even more destruction to your foes. Armed with razor-sharp feathers and increased Accuracy, she effortlessly pierces through enemy defenses, reducing their Defense and leaving them vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Whether you’re battling in the Sky Arena or challenging the deepest dungeons, the Harpy’s newfound power will make her a formidable force in your lineup.

Leader Skill Adjustments – Forging Powerful Guilds

Guild content just got more exciting with the adjustments to leader skills. Madeleine Choco Knight, the iconic Water Attribute, will now boost Attack Power and HP of ally monsters in Guild battles, providing your team with the strength to overcome any challenge. In the fiercely competitive realm of guild wars, Madeleine Choco Knight stands as an unwavering guardian, empowering your team to push through and achieve victory.

Upcoming Updates on Summoners Wars 8.05

Meanwhile, Fire Attribute Madeleine will enhance Resistance and Attack Power, ensuring your guild stands strong against any foe. As the flames of battle rage on, your team will find new vigor, resisting enemy debuffs and dealing crushing blows to your adversaries. Madeleine Choco Knight sets the stage for a fiery display of power and resilience, making your guild a formidable presence in the Sky Arena.

And for those seeking precision in battle, Water Attribute Madeleine now increases Accuracy and Attack Speed, granting you the edge you need to conquer your rivals! With pinpoint accuracy and lightning-fast reflexes, your team will seize every opportunity to strike and cripple your opponents. In the volatile world of PvP battles, your tactical prowess will be unmatched with Madeleine Choco Knight leading the charge.

Improved Skill AI – Mastering the Art of Cairos Dungeon

The 8.0.5 update improves the skill AI of select monsters, paving the way for smoother battles in the treacherous Cairos Dungeon. Expect Chun-li Blade Dancer, Hellhound, and Madeleine Cookie Choco Knight to utilize their skills more efficiently in these dungeons, unleashing their full potential. 

Upcoming Updates on Summoners Wars 8.05

Chun-li Blade Dancer’s swift and precise strikes will now be unleashed with perfect timing, devastating your enemies and swiftly clearing the dungeons. The Hellhound’s ferocity will be harnessed to its maximum, ensuring that the battle is under your control. Madeleine Cookie Choco Knight will become an invaluable ally, unleashing her abilities when they matter most, leading your team to victory.

Additionally, the Cow Girl’s Silver-plated Bullet will be put to better use based on the target’s beneficial effects. Picture her calculating her shots, strategically determining the optimal moment to unleash her devastating attack. The Nine-tailed Fox, a master of deception, will now focus on attacking sleeping targets, rendering them defenseless against her deadly strikes.

These improved Skill AIs empower you as a Summoner, allowing you to execute complex strategies and face the challenges of Cairos Dungeon with renewed confidence.

Fixing Skill Errors – A Flawless Battlefield

In the relentless pursuit of perfection, the developers have identified and fixed skill errors for certain monsters, ensuring that your battles are seamless and flawless. Turn acquisition info will no longer persist upon revival after defeat, ensuring a smoother gaming experience. With this update, you can focus on crafting winning strategies rather than being distracted by minor inconveniences.

Upcoming Updates on Summoners Wars 8.05

Furthermore, adjustments have been made to the Beast Rider’s Critical Link skill, preventing any abnormal damage increase when replacing beneficial effects with Continuous Damage. With this visual fix, the game’s aesthetics are now more polished than ever, enhancing your overall gaming experience.

Pure Vanilla Cookie Pudding Princess’s Attack Bar decrease effect has also been rectified for boss battles. As a highly sought-after monster, she now fulfills her role as a master of disruption, thwarting the plans of bosses and providing your team with a tactical advantage.

Enter the Refined Summoners War

With the 8.0.5 update, Summoners War has undergone a metamorphosis into a game of refined and exhilarating battles. The skill adjustments, awakening effects, leader skill changes, improved Skill AI, and bug fixes promise to deliver a gaming experience like never before. So, assemble your most formidable team of monsters, and step into the Sky Arena to showcase your strategic brilliance and dominate the world of Mana Crystals!

May the skies be your battleground, and victory your destiny!

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