Warpath has launched a mega update, with Developer War Room 3.0, introducing several new things, including the Airforce feature, new units related to the Airforce feature and a lot more. Let us take a look at all of these bit by bit.

AIRFORCE: New Units, Officers and Mechanism

The Airforce feature will add a new combat mechanism to Warpath, with two units – Bombers and Fighter Planes – introduced along with two new Officers – [Wings of Glory] Jean Dufort, Ace Fighter Pilot and [Golden Pixie] Doris Morgenstern.

Bombers will move towards identified targets and throw bombs on four occasions before returning to the Base. Every time a Bomber enters the target area, it will be marked as an enemy to all non-allied units within the grid. When Camp Liberty Bombers target a Map Grid all non-allied units and Buildings within 7 Map Grips of the target are bombed and suffer Damage. Raven Bunkers, Raven Troops and Raven Bases within bombing range are only dealt Damage when attack conditions are satisfied. Martyrs’ Watch and Vanguard Division Bombers target a single Map Grid. Each Martyrs Bomber attacks a different target in a target Unit whereas damage dealt by Vanguard Bombers is shared by the entire target Unit.

Fighter Planes will arrive at the selected target and issue an alert for 6 Map Grids closest to the target location and proceed to battle the closest non-allied Airforce unit. If your Fighter Plane enters the alert zone, you will be marked as an enemy of all non-allied units and Buildings within the alert zone.

New materials will also be required to upgrade Airforce units. Airforce EXP and Airforce Ammunition have been introduced to upgrade units while Airforce Components have been added for unit Modifications. Airforce Part Blueprints have been introduced to make Airforce Parts, and require spending Materials.

Developer War Room 3.0 adds Airforce feature, New Officers and more to Warpath

Jean Dufort, Ace Fighter Pilot, has the following skills: 

1) Hot Pursuit: Tactical Skill. Increases AA Firepower by 5/7/9/12/15% for the 20 seconds each time units shoot down enemy planes. Can be stacked 5 times.

2) Fire Torrent: Increases Troop Attack Damage by 5/7/9/12/15%.

3) Ace Flyer: Raises Fighter Plane Firepower by 10/14/18/24/30%.

4) Aerobatics: Raises Fighter Plane Jamming Capability by 10/12/14/16/20%.

5) Sky Dancer: Revival Skill which enhances the effect of the Hot Pursuit Tactical Skill so that each time an enemy is shot down, AA Firepower increases by 20%.

Developer War Room 3.0 adds Airforce feature, New Officers and more to Warpath

Doris Morgenstern, a gifted Bomber Pilot has the following skills:

1) Fast Bombing: Tactical Skill which increases Bombing Speed by 15/18/22/27/35%.

2) Dive Bombing: Increases Troop Attack Damage by 5/7/9/12/15%.

3) Bullseye: Increases Firepower of Bomber units by 10/14/18/24/30%.

4) Precise Control: Increases Stability of Bomber Units by 10/12/14/16/20%.

5) Unleashed Justice: Revival Skill which increases the Tactical Skill [Fast Bombing] by 35% and makes an additional bomb available.

New Buildings: Features

 1) The Treasury, Steelworks and Crude Oil Reserve continuously produce resources and have a limited storage capacity. However, they may be upgraded. When full, storage of Resources is halted, at which point Commanders rely on manual collection of Resources.

2) The Alliance Liaison Office is where Alliance Assists get handled. Upgrading this Building not only increases your Alliance Assist Max but also strengthens the effectiveness of an Assist. As the new update goes live, your Alliance Liaison Office Building Lvl remains unchanged.

3) Your Reserve Barracks aids in improving Reserve Recovery Speed and your Reserve Troop Capacity. Once the update goes live, your Reserves Barracks Level will be set according to your original Reserves Reserve Recovery Speed and Reserve Troop Capacity.

4) Airforce Hangars function much in the same way as Ground Force Barracks. Once built, you can deploy Airforce Units to the station. Upgrading Hangars increases Hangar Capacity, increases the number of Officers which can be assigned to these units, increases unit Firepower and Durability and boosts Training Speed.

5) The Curtain Wall encloses your entire Base and features Watchtowers and AA Firebases, all of which can be upgraded separately. Upgrading your wall increases Durability while upgrading Watchtowers increases Base Firepower and Anti-Aircraft Firebases to enhance Anti-Aircraft capabilities and Garrison Firing Range. 

6) Disassembly Plant is where you can Disassemble Units and Parts. Once unlocked, the Disassembly Plant will be added to your base post-update.

7) Your Assembly Workshop is where you can Assemble Units along with accessing the Camps and Assembly Manual features. Commanders with already unlocked will be able to find it added to their base after the latest update.

8) Commanders may draw Units from the Armament Chests in the Armory. If the Armament Chests are already unlocked, it will appear within the Walls of your Base in the new version.

9) Parts Workshop is where you can View and Make Parts and will appear in your Base in the new version if you have already unlocked Parts.

10) Your Black Market Building is where you can carry out underground trading. If your Black Market was already unlocked, this Building will be added to your Base upon the latest update.

11) Your Drills Ground is your entry portal to Campaigns. If your Campaigns were already unlocked, this Building will appear in your Base in the new version.

12) A range of Decorations are available for you to beautify your Base according to your own preferences.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the bug in the Battle of Moscow Campaign where the corresponding images of the Medals were not displayed correctly.
  2. Fixed the combat performance bug where Units attacked that returned to Base received Damage but were not shown as attacked.