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Magic Cube
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November 2, 2016
4.3/5 ( 2,214 )
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A Masterpiece of Hack 'N' Slash Action!

Once in a great while, there comes a game that not only defines a genre but actually redefines everything that a genre is all about. Smashing The Battle is that video game for the hack and slash genre. Classic arcade action and stunning visuals are only the beginning with Smashing The Battle.

The year is 2085. Robotic workers have become more commonplace in most industries by this time. One night, a large hacking incident affected a large construction area. Due to this attack, the robotics have gone haywire and are now attacking workers on the site. Choose a heroine and head out to the danger zone.

Play Smashing The Battle on Mac or PC to experience two storylines and two unique playing styles in one game. Choose a heroine and follow her story through to the end as you see the same story from different perspectives. Witness the experience for yourself with Smashing The Battle.

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