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December 21, 2016
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Play Ultimate Ninja Blazing on PC 20

Prepare for Blazing Action from Naruto Ultimate Ninja

The very first mobile game from the Naruto Ultimate Ninja series is now available on your computer. Fans of Naruto will revel in the wide selection of Ninjitsu available to unlock and play as. Some of these Ninjitsu actually possesses a powerful Secret Technique to turn the tides of battle. In Ultimate Ninja Blazing, players will have to use a much more tactical and strategic approach to their fighting. Build your team of talented Ninjitsu and take to the battlefield. When your allies are in close enough proximity, their unique Field Skills can activate and power up your team. Be careful not to keep your fighters in too close quarters, or your enemy can easily strike your whole party with group attacks. Work together to pull off complicated Combination Attacks to increase the effectiveness of each blow. You can even take on other players in the Phantom Castle if you think you have what it takes to survive.

Broadcast Ultimate Ninja for the World to Watch

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