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December 28, 2016
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Explore a New World With Mûn

In the follow-up to the popular Android title Deiland, you take on the role of Mûn, a space explorer who crash lands on a foreign planet. As a trained member of the Interstellar Patrol Team 5, Mûn knows how to handle herself in almost any situation. As the newest visitor on the large planet of Ankora, Mûn will have to use every ounce of training she has received.

The only way Mûn can have any hope of ever escaping Ankora is by finding and repairing the lost transmitter parts of her ship. With a repaired transmitter and pieces, Mûn can send out a distress signal. Unfortunately, these pieces have been scattered all over this mysterious planet.

Now, Mûn must survive and live off the land while she searches for her missing pieces. Just when she thinks things are under control, the planet's inhabitants make themselves known. What's in store for Mûn and the Ank's in Ankora?

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