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May 10, 2017
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Free Darkwood from an Evil Curse

The people of the quiet town Darkwood are depending on you to save them. A dark curse has been laid upon the entire town and only the chosen one can save Darkwood now.

That chosen one is you – the seeker. The possessor of the ancient artifact the Magical map. This places you firmly in the role of savior of Darkwood and there is no time to waste…

Take on the role of the chosen Seeker who has come to Darkwood to save the town from this vile curse. Begin your journey by searching the dark and desolate back alleys and side streets of Darkwood in search of clues, suspects, and magical items to help you unlock the secrets contained within Darkwood. Play Seekers Notes on PC and Mac to transport yourself to this dark and mystical world of hidden objects, challenging puzzles, and interesting characters.

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