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May 5, 2017
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You Only Have 22 Seconds... GO!

The most addictive game to take the Google Play store by storm in a long time is also one of the easiest to learn – and hardest to master. Play 22 Seconds on PC and Mac to test your reflexes and nerves as you attempt to travel as far as you possibly can in a measly 22 seconds.

That's it.

Sounds easy enough, right? Of course, it isn't. Play 22 Seconds on PC and Mac to click and swipe to help a ball travel through a treacherous path in less than half a minute. Your path is blocked by a variety of crazy obstacles and controlling your ball won't be nearly as easy as you're thinking.

Do you have what it takes to master one of the most addictive and challenging games to hit the Android market? Play 22 Seconds on your computer to see if you have the skill and nerve to beat your highest record.

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