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October 21, 2015
4.0/5 ( 41,376 )
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In the Land of Arcade Games, the Ball is King

Ball Jump is different than other arcade games available in the Google Play store. There is no violence or bloodshed. Gone are the flashy graphics and cute talking animals. All you are left with is a ball, a whole bunch of blocks, and hours of challenging gameplay. The object of Ball Jump is quite simply actually. All you have to do is help move a ball along a series of floating blocks. Simple click to jump controls are easy enough for anyone to play. The challenges are tough enough to have even the most experienced gamers pulling their hair out. Click your mouse to jump at just the right moment to avoid falling off the edge of your cube. Watch as your path is built in real-time right in front of your eyes.

Jump Your Ball for the Whole World to Watch

Video game fans have always enjoyed watching other players beat their favorite games and learning how to handle those difficult levels and areas. In this new digital age we live in, it is not possible to share your mobile gaming footage with world quickly and easily. At one time, this feat required extra cables and devices, but when you Play Bigger with the free BlueStacks 4 gaming app, you have one-click controls to instantly stream Ball Jump footage to Twitch and share it with the entire world. Share your world, gain new friends, and build and strong following with the new and BlueStacks 4.