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Use the Undead to Further Death's Army

After so many years of the same old thing, Death is sick of simply killing those whose time is up. His boredom is at an all-time high, while his Face Tome account friends list is at an all-time low. What's an evil Grim Reaper to do? Buy a factory and begin training brainless zombies to fight in his army. Project Deadlings is Death's answer for the future, but he needs your help to train his zombie minions. play through more than 100 levels of brain chasing excitement and you use unique abilities to avoid giant saws, deadly lasers and horrors you have never even dreamed of in Deadlings.

A game this zany doesn't fit on your tiny mobile device. Instead, play bigger and use the new BlueStacks Android Emulator to bring this undead platformer to your home computer. Control your zombie army with pinpoint accuracy using your computer's mouse. Watch as the different zombie types come to life (in a manner of speaking) on your computer screen. Stop worrying about your spotty internet connection and enjoy the high-speed internet of your home network. Begin your adventure with Death by clicking the link at the top of this page.

Stream Your Latest Deadlings Experiments Live

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