Play Fun Run Arena Multiplayer Race on PC

Last Update
December 20, 2016
4.4/5 ( 14,027 )
Play Fun Run Arena Multiplayer Race on PC 21

Enter the Arena to Compete for Glory

The most addictive running game is back with a brand new game and an all-new play mode. Join your favorite cast of crazy runners when you play Fun Run 3 – Multiplayer Race on Mac and PC.

In the latest installment of this hit video game series, you once again have to race against competitors to score the fastest time possible. Be sure you try your best as only the first two spots are rewarded in each race. To help you out, there are a variety of insane power boosters scattered throughout the courses. Use these power boosters to give you the edge or attack your fellow racers.

Now you can enter the Fun Run Arena on PC and Mac and race with a total of eight racers at one time. Win and watch as you score sweet rewards, but be careful, as not everyone will make it out of the arena.

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