Play Gun Fu: Stickman 2 on PC

Dobsoft Studios
Last Update
January 3, 2017
4.2/5 ( 228,918 )
Play Gun Fu: Stickman 2 on PC 20

Get ready. Take aim. Fire away!

In the fastest video game available in the Google Play Store, your reflexes will be put to the ultimate test as you fight your way through hordes of bad guys with only one goal in mind – your death! Quickly fire at oncoming enemies but always be checking your back because these guys are coming from every dark corner of the city. As you play on, you will unlock new costumes and accessories for your stick gunman including wild hairstyles, cool clothes, and new guns. Secret weapons can be found and equipped such as lasers, paintball guns, and even AK-47s. Show your friends who's the fastest gun in town will global leaderboards and intense multiplayer competitions. Play Gun Fu: Stickman 2 on PC and Mac by clicking above.

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