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November 29, 2016
4.0/5 ( 65,169 )
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Race Like Never Before

In the future, man has taken racing the extreme. No more are we stuck in boring courses and race tracks. Now, we drive in racing machines called GyroSpheres on abstract courses that seem to defy the laws of physics but are strongly grounded in them. Here, racing is more than simple speed, it is science and physics working together. Don't let the super-simple controls of GyroSphere Trials fool you. This Android racing game will require a strong mind and even stronger focus to master. As you win races, you will earn points that can unlock even more wild and crazy race courses. Collect Wildcards that will enable you to replay courses without losing spheres or lives and challenge your friends to beat your fastest times with multiple sharing options. The future belongs to the GyroSphere Trials and you have a front seat to all of the action right from your living room.

This Race Will Be Broadcast to the World!

Be sure you bring your A-game because the world will be watching. The largest gathering of gamers anywhere in the world is and now you have the easiest access to Twitch broadcasting ever. When you play GyroSphere Trials on PC and Mac with BlueStacks 3, you now have one-click access to broadcast every race to the Twitch network of racing fans and hardcore gamers. Millions of users come to twitch each day to watch live video broadcasts, chat with broadcasters and other players, and to keep up on their favorite games and players.