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Shadow Masters
Last Update
October 12, 2016
4.6/5 ( 2,555 )
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Jump Like Your Life Depends On It - Because It Does

In the latest arcade jumper to take the world by storm, you take on the role of a solo jumper attempting to climb a ginormous beanstalk. This is now ordinary gigantic beanstalk, though. There are plenty of dangers and obstacles to make this one of the trickiest tasks you have ever undertaken. Try your hand through a variety of different scenes attempting to be the best stalk jumper there is. As you make your way up these deadly, yet beautiful, beanstalks, you will have the chance to unlock a vast selection of crazy characters. Play as a panda, ninja, or a zombie as you try to tackle hundreds of levels of stalk-jumping, obstacle-avoiding Jumpy Tree on Mac and PC. Click the button above to start jumping today.

Jump Right Into the World of Video Game Broadcasting

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