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September 14, 2016
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The REAL OctoPie is on Your Computer

From the world of Nickelodeon's show Game Shakers comes one of the zaniest pizza slingshot games ever created. Join the lovable octopus pizza delivery guy as he attempts to deliver pies to the residents of the big city. Unfortunately, all of his orders are on the higher floors of the buildings and he doesn't have time to walk all the way up the stairs.

What's a pizza delivery octopus to do?

Slingshot the pies to his crazy customers. See how accurately you and shoot pizzas to customers like sumo wrestlers and bears, but watch out for the jetpack wiener dog or lobster on a high wire. Use special power-ups to give your pizza delivery a little extra oomph and score big tips to unlock new upgrades. As you deliver pies, you will advance through the city until you reach the richest and tallest buildings. Unlock locations, costumes, truck themes, and so much more when you play OctoPie on PC or Mac. Streaming is a Mere Click Away

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