Play Rocking Ball on PC

Sergey Krushch
Last Update
April 11, 2016
4.6/5 ( 14 )
Play Rocking Ball on PC 14

Get the Ball Rockin' and Make Your Escape Now!

The life of a crazy, bouncy ball is hectic and dangerous. See what it's like when you step into the shoes of Rocking Ball for a day. This action game has one simple objective – get your ball to the exit. Each level is filled with crazy tunnels, laser walls, and lots of seconds to collect. Luckily, you are a special sort of ball. Not only able to bounce off walls and zoom down tunnels, you have some unique tools and abilities at your disposal. Use grappling hooks and special swinging abilities to launch your ball even further along his journey. Each level has a very limited number of seconds, so be sure to nab all of the seconds you find scattered through the levels. Run out of time and your game is over. Crash into a laser wall and your game is over. Rock carefully and plan ahead to make it through the many levels ahead of you in Rocking Ball.

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