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Binary Panda Games
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August 15, 2016
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Save Out Planet By Destroying Theirs

The construction of the Hyper-ring was to ensure the safety of Earth and mankind by seeking out and destroying those that endanger us. After warping to a location, the Hyper-ring encircles the hostile targets, allowing a small craft to come in and take care of the enemy. Play Space Boom on PC and Mac to fly through outer space, destroying entire enemy fleets and armies in the name of saving Earth.

Space Boom comes with a fun storyline and cute graphics while giving players a well-though out gameplay interface. As the Hyper-ring circles the enemy, you will steer the ship along the inside of the ring and attack the target ships. Along the way, discover exciting power-ups to give your ship more firepower and might.

Play Space Boom on Mac or PC by clicking the button above. Humanity is under a grave threat and you are the only hope we have left.

Stream Space Boom to All of Humanity

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