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Last Update
July 3, 2017
4.1/5 ( 16,113 )
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Heat Up Your Life With Never-Ending Challenges... And LAVA!

Your favorite childhood game comes to life in this hot new Android video game. The Floor Is Lava is an endless runner that mixes the classic childhood game with the rise in parkour. Follow our young ninja boy as he makes his way across a never-ending living room jumping from piece of furniture to piece of furniture. Using ninja skills, our young hero knows he must avoid touching the floor because, at any moment, the floor can be covered in molten lava.

Play The Floor Is Lava on Pc and Mac to take your nostalgia to a whole new level with better controls and increased viewing area. No more will you be worried about burning your home down just for a little extra challenge. Play The Floor Is Lava today and experience the fun and thrills without the horrible lava damage to your home.

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