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May 4, 2016
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The Bingo Game to Crush All Others

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. With mobile games growing at a quick pace, mobile bingo games have become one of the most downloaded on Android. The one bingo game to stand out from the crowd is Bingo Rush. Unlike other bingo games, Bingo Crush is more than just simple cards and bingo balls. Play against real people and unlock a variety of power-ups to help you score even more bingos. Choose from multiple rooms, each one with its own unique cards and gameplay.

With so much extreme bingo action, the only way to really experience Bingo Crush is on your home computer. Download the free BlueStacks Android Emulator and you can play Bingo Crush on PC or Mac, along with thousands of other great Android games and apps. BlueStacks allows your computer to play any Android app as if it were meant for it. Enjoy a constant internet connection at higher speeds than most mobile devices. In the event that anything does happen, BlueStacks always backs up your game data for security and safety.

Broadcast Your Next Bingo Crush to Millions of Fans

No more is gaming a solo activity. For years, gamers have enjoyed watching other players play through their favorite titles and beat some of the toughest games ever created. Thanks to the internet, we now have a place to store and view all of this great footage. is the one place that gamers turn more than any other to share their video game footage and connect with other gamers. By using BlueStacks 4 to stream Bingo Crush footage, you can show other players how to play and even build your own following.