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December 20, 2016
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Use Technology to Make Your Life Easier

Isn't the whole point of new technology to make our lives easier? Then, why is it that most new apps only complicate matters by providing useless 'benefits' or being little more than mobile advertisements? Ditch those other apps and download the new Starbucks Android app to get the most convenience from your smartphone and home computer. The Starbucks app gives you the ability to do a number of things before you even leave the house. Forget about waiting in line for your coffee when you can just order from your computer before you even walk out the door. The Starbucks app gives you the freedom to custom order your drinks and food, pay from your computer, and then swing by and grab your order from your favorite location. This will be the quickest way to order coffee without making it yourself. To make your morning coffee even better, you will earn Starbucks rewards every time you order. Download Starbucks on Mac and PC today.