Play Block! Hexa Puzzle on PC

Last Update
December 19, 2016
4.5/5 ( 201,551 )
Play Block! Hexa Puzzle on PC 17

Play the Most Addictive Puzzle Game Since Tetris

From the creators of the hit Android video game Roll the Ball, comes the next big thing in mobile puzzle games. Challenge more than 300 different levels with stunning graphics and relaxing music.

Play Block! Hexa Puzzle on Mac and PC to experience one of the most addictive puzzle games ever created. Similar to the classic puzzler Tetris, the object of Block! Hexa Puzzle is simple to learn. Take the hexagonal shapes and place them within the frame of the puzzle. That's it.

Don't let these simplistic instructions fool you, though. Block! Hexa Puzzle has many more challenges than meets the eye. For example, the pieces cannot be rotated or turned in any way, so each piece must fit in perfectly the way it's presented. Unlike other puzzle games in the mobile market, Block! Hexa Puzzle doesn't make your stress out over timed levels or never-ending blocks falling from the sky. Sit back and take your time with each unique level when you play Block! Hexa Puzzle.

Now With One-Click Controls

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