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November 10, 2016
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Same Old Physics - Whole New Puzzle

Play the hottest physics puzzle game to hit the Android market in a long time. Play Catch My Berry on Mac and PC to help the adorable little Ogi Tak catch as many berries as he can. In Ogi Tak's world, you don't eat if you don't catch enough berries. Join Ogi as he embarks on an adventure of epic proportions across multiple worlds full of challenging puzzles.

As you and Ogi Tak make your way on your journey, you will encounter hundreds of challenging physics-based puzzles. Sometimes Ogi Tak will be able to use special (and more often than not, HILARIOUS) items and contraptions. Grab ropes, use bombs, and discover several other intricate mechanisms to help Ogi Tak on his way.

Play Catch My Berry to help Ogi Tak collect berries and solve puzzles. The adventure of a lifetime is awaiting you and Ogi Tak. Just click above to get started.

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