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Dissolute Games
Last Update
June 8, 2016
4.4/5 ( 12 )
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Help Ester Solve Great Mysteriues of Her Land

Ester was born high in the mountains, where it is said the rains are born. Her land is full of mystery and a grand adventure is about to unfold for one little girl. Play Delugional on Mac and PC to discover Ester's enchanting tale as you challenge more than fifty different puzzles. Delugional's twist on the puzzle gaming world is the story driven action that leads every single puzzle.

In Ester's land, water is the essence of life itself. Help the people of her land by digging trenches to help guide flood waters through villages. These trenches will help direct the waters towards withering crops or dangerous fires. Use extreme caution as you guide the flood waters through the land. You will need to raise and lower lands to help protect the villagers homes and buildings. Play Delugional by clicking the link above and begin a journey into a mysterious land with Ester.

Guide the Waters and Bring Life to

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