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March 8, 2017
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Play Physics Drop on PC 14

Challenge the Law - the Law of Physics

Play Physics Drop on PC and Mac to learn about the wonderful world of physics in a fun and addictive way. Play through a variety of levels as you attempt one simple task in each one – get the red ball into the U. The lines you draw and the red ball react to the laws of physics and gravity as they would in the real world.

Pro Tip: Be sure not to trap the ball within a group of lines. If you do get stuck, simply hit the restart button to reset the level and try again. Play Physics Drop on Mac and PC to practice physics in a fun and educational way right on your computer.

Broadcasting Live to Your Favorite Social Network

Stream every exciting minute of Physics Drop to science fanatics all over the world. Use the new and improved BlueStacks 4 to share the fun and joy of science with the entire world via some of the largest social networks in the world. Use the convenient one-click controls to instantly stream Physics Drop to sites like and Facebook Live.

Use this exciting new feature to show the fun of science to friends and family, help teach your class or children a special physics lesson, or simply show the world how awesome you are at solving tough and complicated puzzle games.