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November 12, 2015
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Swampy Just Wants a Shower. Can You Help Him?

Poor ol' Swampy. This is one dirty alligator and all he wants to do is relax with a nice shower. unfortunately, there has been a mix-up with is pipes and now things are all broken up. The only way Swampy will be able to get his shower is with a little plumbing help from you. In the Disney physics-based Android game Where's My Water?, players must solve a series of challenging puzzles to get the water Swamp needs to his shower. Download Where's My Water? on PC or Mac and enjoy playing through multiple stories featuring four characters from Swampy's world – Allie, Cranky, Mystery Duck, and, of course, Swampy. Altogether, Disney brings players more than 500 levels full of water and physics-based challenges. Unlock bonus levels, rewards, and power-ups as you play through level after level in Disney's Where's My Water?

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