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Role Playing
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September 27, 2018
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Welcome to Chaos. It is time to Master it!

Prepare yourself to choose from many Rare Heroes as you do everything you can to defeat your enemies with essential and powerful combat equipment. Play ChaosMasters on PC and MAC with BlueStacks and use up to 10 heroes with different strategies against the Raid Boss monsters Slurp and Cerberus. Raid with your friends and develop your skills and unique abilities to strengthen up your heroes and collect many rewards in this turn-based battle role-playing game. Experience real-time fights in the Arena and Coliseum in the player versus player mode and match up to 15 heroes against each other. Download ChaosMasters on PC with BlueStacks and take your fighting skills to a higher level. You can count with BlueStacks to power up your heroes in order to make them even more dangerous to your opponents. Your mission is not easy, but only the will to stop the chaos has installed itself in your world can overcome this challenge. That’s what means being a hero, and that’s how you will manage to end up as victorious. Prove you can do that, or accept chaos as the ultimate ruler of your fate!

Stream that chaos with just one click!

How would you feel to test your skills online and let the others see your performance? It you trust in your strength, you should be doing so right now! Play ChaosMasters on PC with BlueStacks and stream you game with just one click, via Twitch.TV or any other network, and prove your worth as you make new friends, interact with other players and even learn a few new tricks on the way. Gaming gets much better when you can share your achievements with other people. BlueStacks allows you to do that in easiest way ever!