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Role Playing
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Last Update October 30, 2018

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Violence, Blood, Use of Alcohol

The Desolation Wall has fallen. After 700 years, peace is no longer certain.

Peace has endured for 700 years. People had their lives and harmony was a law in the land, thanks to the Desolation Wall, who kept demons apart. Now the Wall has fallen, and true hordes of evil are occupying your land. Guess who’s up to restore good and defeat those cruel forces? Play Crusaders of Light on PC and MAC with BlueStacks and guide your allies in battle! Select from rangers, warriors, mystics, paladins and elementalists to develop their strength, improve their skills and defeat your enemies. Join a guild of more than 40 mates and take down bosses raiding through dungeons and other territories. All you can rely on is yoru survival instincts and the power you obtain at every win. Start your own adventure in this thrilling plot with amazing graphics and be part of one of the most impressive MMO ever. Play Crusaders of Light on PC with BlueStacks and do everything in your power to make hope shine bright again alongside your comrades. It’s all up to you these days. Can you face the challenge?

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Why play Crusaders of Light on Bluestacks?

Read about the special powerups available for Crusaders of Light when using BlueStacks 4


Learn how to improve your gaming skills with a special keymapping!


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What’s the best keymap for this game?

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The BlueStacks Gaming Platform allows you experience the Crusaders of Light game in its truest form. It is hard to go back to ‘regular’ play, after playing Crusaders of Light the BlueStacks way!

The default keyboard controls on BlueStacks have been carefully crafted after months of testing by expert gamers to ensure only the best gaming experience for the users.

Even so, BlueStacks controls can be customized 100% as per individual preferences, ensuring a completely personalized gaming experience.

What are XPacks?

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How to Play and Stream

How to Play Crusaders of Light on PC

  • 1 Install BlueStacks and run the installer
  • 2 Complete one-time setup
  • 3 Crusaders of Light Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Crusaders of Light
  • 4 Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen.
  • 5 Once installation completes, click the Crusaders of Light icon in the My Apps tab
  • 6 You're all done! Enjoy playing Crusaders of Light on your PC.

Talking about light, how would you feel about having a shiny light at the end of the tunnel, especially in the odd situation you find yourself in? Comforting, right? Then this is what you have to do: download Crusaders of Light on Windows 7, 8, 10 with BlueStacks and start counting on a series of amazing features that will certainly help you out achieve your goals at any title, like the Keymapping tool, the Multi-Instance feature, the exclusive Combo Key Macro and even the BlueStacks Points, that will help you keep your spirits high by rewarding you with amazing gamer items at all times! Plus, even with all of those features, one of the most amazing things BlueStafcks can do for you will always be being able to use the mouse and the keyboard keys to help you out at any task. And of course, counting on a much faster an stable internet connection, with the big screen of your PC to help is always a good thing.

Join the online Crusaders of Light with one click.

Your path sure looks dark these days, and loneliness might be one of your worst enemies. But don’t worry, there is a great number of Crusaders of Light out there just waiting to welcome you in their great online community. Download Crusaders of Light on PC with BlueStacks and start streaming your game live with just one click, via your favorite social network. Take down your enemies is always better when you have some mates by your side to support you. BlueStacks does that for you. In real time! Get the chance to interact with other players and making new friends!

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