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Role Playing
4.1/5 ( 199186 )

Last Update July 2, 2018

Content Rating

Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes, Partial Nudity, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Language, Simulated Gambling

The fallen dragon has awaken alongside a roar of revival.

Imagine how heavengly it would be to live in a floating island around a sea of clouds. The thing is that not everything is what it seems to be and, of course, you find yourself in the eye of the hurricane, when things don’t go as much as expected. The world you live in, as beautiful as it may be, is forsaken by the gods. A long time ago, the Astrals attempted to seize control of this world, but the Skydwellers bravely resisted, bringing peace once again to their people. Play Granblue Fantasy on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and embark on a new journey after receiving a mysterious letter from your missing father. Suddenly, just when you were about to leave your home of Zinkenstill alongside Vyrn, a peculiar parent, you find yourself engulfed in flames and fire. Guess who is behind it: the Erste Empire. In the middle of all the chaos that has instaured itself in your land, a mysterious girl named Lyria awakens the fallen dragon of the stars. Now, revival has a chance of showing itself, but it depends on your skills to unleash its full power. Download Granblue Fantasy on PC with BlueStacks and play your part in this thrilling storyline, or might be just too late for you to find redemption.

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グランブルーファンタジー is a game that comes equipped with OTB(Out of the Box)/Ready to play controls to help you squeeze out every little advantage to beat your competition (Or play comfortably if the game is casual).

The default controls designed by BlueStacks have been made keeping the comfort, and efficiency of the player in mind.

However, if you are the kind of gamer who likes to do things their own way, fret not. You can just as easily customize the controls as desired.

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How to Play and Stream

How to Play グランブルーファンタジー on PC

  • 1 Install BlueStacks and run the installer
  • 2 Complete one-time setup
  • 3 グランブルーファ... Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for グランブルーファンタジー
  • 4 Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen.
  • 5 Once installation completes, click the グランブルーファンタジー icon in the My Apps tab
  • 6 You're all done! Enjoy playing グランブルーファンタジー on your PC.

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