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Role Playing
Last Update
December 19, 2016
4.4/5 ( 73,948 )
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Enter a World Unlike Any Other

It's finally here. Gamers all over the globe have been waiting in eager anticipation for one of the most intriguing role-playing games on Android. Enter the world of Lineage Red Knights to face unbelievable foes, meet amazing characters, and form strong alliances with guild members across the globe.

In Lineage Red Knights, you take on the role of a great Red Knight. The kingdom you love has been taken over by the evil Death Knight. Only by working together can you and your fellow legion of Red Knights take back the world for the people. Seek out other heroes to join in your quest as you battle the Death Knight's army. Along the way, you will find a plethora of items to equip, upgrade, and enhance your party's fighting skills.

Lineage Red Knights is packed with special events to add more layers to the already deep storyline, daily dungeons with sweet loot, and nearly endless game modes to keep you glued to your computer.

Now Broadcasting Live to and Facebook Live

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