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May 10, 2017
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Grow Your Dinosaur Sales Business and Get Rich

Is there anything better than getting rich? Yeah… Getting rich by hatching, creating, and selling you very own DINOSAURS! That si exactly what your future holds when you play Dino Factory on PC and Mac.

Dino Factory is one of the most unique games to hit the Android platform in years. Science has finally evolved to the point where humans can now create and hatch dinosaurs. This has changed the way we see the entire world as the newest market has opened up – dinosaur buying, selling, and trading.

Seeing a chance to make a ton of dough, you have decided to start your own dino sales business. Begin with one dino and quickly grow your business into an international corporation worth billions of dollars. Use your crazy creations to race friends and foes around the globe and show the world who the best dino breeder is in Dino Factory on PC and Mac.

Share Your Wildest Creations With the World

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