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October 3, 2018
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Build and populate your very own village!

Welcome back to the mystical island of Isola! People made their way back to the island seeking for a new home, after a volcanic erupted on the neighbor island of Asura. Find yourself in a place once called paradise. You are now responsible for making life grow in this island, as you help your villagers to find love and transform your tribe into a civilization in this mysterious world, as you try to keep everything in order. Play Virtual Villagers Origins 2 on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and be the master of your own village! Customize your villagers’ names, train your people in order to develop various and necessary skills to prosper! Plant, fertilize and water your own garden to gather food and help everybody survive this newfound world. Magical moments await for you as you discover ancient ruins in the middle of the jungle and try to comprehend their origins. Are you going to be a ruler who brings back the past or your chosen path Is to start from zero? This is the kind of you question you must start asking yourself right now!

Show your diplomacy in real-time and stream your progress!

No civilization manages to prosper without a good dose of diplomacy. The sooner you have that in your mind, the more you are going to progress. In gaming, this is also true, so there is no reason at all why you should keep your entire experience only to yourself. Play Virtual Villagers Origins 2 on PC with BlueStacks and stream your gaming in real-time with just one click using any social network you feel like using! Join a great online community and make sure to start building a close relationship with players from the entire world in no time!