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May 10, 2017
4.4/5 ( 7,903 )
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Face Powerful Foes Throughout Time

War and violence are not inventions of modern man. All throughout history, man has waged war with another over a number of ideas and reasons. You can relive the thrill and glory of this long history of wartime heroes with Age of War 2.

Age of War 2 will take you through the complete history of man and war. Begin as cavemen riding atop dinosaurs and attacking with pointy sticks. Fight and strengthen your troops as time progresses and watch as cavemen turn into Spartans, into Knights, into Cyborgs, and more. Hire troops and creatures to attack oncoming enemy hordes while you work to create new towers and turrets (like the infamous Chicken Turret) to help blast your enemies to oblivion.

Age of War 2 is a strategy game that is perfect for all gamers and skill levels. Choose from multiple game modes and unlock a number of satisfying achievements. Play Age of War 2 on PC and Mac today.

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