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June 6, 2016
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The Past Never Ended - Changing Our Future Forever

In a not-so-distant future, mankind has known almost nothing but war. The First World War has never ended and the fighting simply continues each day. Fuhrer of the Empire State has handpicked you to head up an artillery offensive against the evil Traitor General Kranz. You are in command of a mighty battle fortress stocked with a wide range of weapons and other facilities. It's up to you to command you troops during intense battles and use your smarts to upgrade the right parts and weapons to stay alive. As the battles rage on, you will take on heavy damage and will have to move resources to put out fires and increase your defenses, all taking away from your ability to attack the enemy. Time management and top-notch leadership skills are required if you are ging to be the one to end the Great War once and for all. Play REDCON on PC and Mac today.

Stream the Great War to Twitch

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