5 Reasons Why You Should be Excited for Durango

5 Reasons Why You Should be Excited...

We’ve mentioned in the past how games by Nexon tend to be instant hits, and today won’t be an exception. Their newest title, Durango Wild Lands, which is also developed by What! Studio, is already making massive ripples in many countries around the world where it’s already available to play. However, while countries like Canada, Philippines, Australia, Korea, and Indonesia, among a few others are the lucky ones that are already enjoying this game, this enjoyment will soon spread globally.

Durango just released and we could not be more excited about it. From what we’ve seen so far, this title will revolutionize the survival genre as it features many elements that we’ve seen in other titles such as Last Day on Earth or LastCraft Survival, but cranked up to 11. The result is a title packed with all the features that you’d expect from a game in this genre, but streamlined, optimized, and presented beautifully to all its players.

We can’t wait to properly dig into this game. However, as purveyors of the latest developments in the mobile game industry, we took a sneak peek into what Durango will offer. Here are 5 out of the many, many reasons to look forward to this amazing game.

1. Beautiful and Well-Presented

Many people believe that mobile games should sacrifice aesthetics in lieu of better performance. This statement is partially true since phones are generally weaker than computers or consoles and can’t achieve the same quality of visuals without compromising on performance. However, we believe that, for a game to look good, it doesn’t need to have ultra-realistic graphics or HD textures. A game’s visual quality is, first and foremost, determined by its artstyle, which is essentially the only element that helps it stand apart from other games, visually speaking. Durango is a game with an awesome artstyle; a unique look that not many other games manage to pull off.

When a game has a unique artstyle, it immediately has its own unique identity; it’s own brand, so to speak. In this sense, whenever you see these games playing on a screen, or being played by another player, you can immediately identify exactly what game they’re playing. Nevertheless, few games can boast about having their own identity, as even some of the industry’s biggest hits suffer from a lack of identity. PUBG  and Free Fire, for example, are games that have a bland look and trade visual uniqueness for engaging gameplay. Fortnite Mobile, on the other hand, while less popular in the mobile industry, has an artstyle that is immediately recognizable from even a mile away, which speaks volumes about the work that the designers have achieved with this game.

Durango features top notch drawings and character portraits in all of its dialog, which adds to the immersion and creates an impression that we’re playing a quality product. Even the loading screens are great, which is awesome since we’re entertained even while waiting for the game to load. If you’re a fan of a good-looking game, then you definitely need to look forward to Durango.

2. Immersive Survival Gameplay

Fans of survival games will definitely love what Nexon has achieved with this game.

Durango features many survival elements in place that you’ll have to keep in mind if you’re looking to make a living in the islands. There are the standard systems such as thirst and hunger, which are present in other games. Additionally, there are other parameters like moisture, camp buffs, stamina, and other systems that affect how the game is played. For example, if you dive into a body of water, your character will get wet, which increases his tolerance and endurance in the heat, but can be potentially fatal in the cold. Similarly, when a player is in a camp or domain, they receive the “cozy” buff, which increases their endurance, allowing them to work for longer without being exhausted.

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Durango is a survival sim through and through, and we’re anxiously waiting to see what else the game has in store for us in this regard.

3. Powerful Yet Intuitive Crafting System

We’re suckers for a good crafting system. We love gathering materials and using them for synthesizing new compounds, which we can then use to create others, and so on. However, on many occasions, we’ve asked ourselves, “why can’t we use this iron rod instead of a wooden branch to craft this tool?” It doesn’t make much sense when you need what is essentially a handle for your knife or axe, but are forced to use materials of strictly one nature.

In this game, every item has attributes, which determine what you can use them for. Because of this, recipes aren’t static in Durango; you don’t need to gather the exact same materials every time you want to craft a specific object. This is great because you have tons of flexibility when it comes to crafting in this game—which is something you’ll be doing a lot during your stay on the islands.

4. Awesome well-localized story

Nothing breaks our immersion more than a game loaded with grammatical errors. This problem is not so much about the story itself, but about the way in which it’s written and localized. A story can be mediocre—or downright bad—in a game, but we’d at least expect it to be properly proofread and localized.

Fortunately, the story in Durango—or at least what we’ve seen, so far—is not only engaging in its plot, but is also free from any localization errors. If you’re like us and value a good narrative to go with an awesome game, then you’ll probably have a good time surviving in this game.

5. Mobile-Friendly Gameplay and Controls

In all our time playing mobile games, we can safely say that many games make one crucial mistake in terms of gameplay: They try to imitate their console and PC counterparts too closely. In this sense, we’re always stuck with unintuitive control schemes that complicate matters for those playing on their phones.

However, Durango has apparently achieved the impossible for a survival game with action elements: They created a control scheme that is not only functional on any device but is also comfortable to play. You can basically do anything by clicking on objects in the environment. Even if you game on mobile devices, Durango is comfortable to play since you seldom have to perform quick or precise maneuvers. In this sense, the game lends itself to be played on any device, whether on BlueStacks or on your phone. Nevertheless, you can greatly improve your experience in many ways by playing on our platform, so stay tuned for an article about this when the game launches!

Durango Wild Lands definitely looks like a game that’s worth all the excitement. We can’t wait for it to launch so we can finally play properly with all our friends around the world. Are you excited for this game? Let us know why!

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