Jurassic Park media has always occupied a special place in the hearts of the youths who grew up watching both dinosaurs and people getting chewed up by the mighty T-Rex. There’s something about these movies that makes their plot so pleasant to witness: the beautiful, lush landscapes, coupled with gorgeous animatronics brought to life by Spielberg magic, and a grim, yet powerful overarching plot bring all these elements together into a masterpiece of the early 90’s.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

However, while these elements fit beautifully into the big screen, most of us couldn’t help but wonder:

What if someone created a game that was based on the events in Jurassic Park?

Wouldn’t it be AWEOMSE?

Fortunately, the big shot producers in some of the largest game developer companies also had the same thought, which is why we received several games back in the 90’s, including some masterpieces for the Nintendo Entertainment System, for MS-DOS, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sega Genesis, the Sega CD, and even for the Arcade. Jurassic Park was everywhere, and with good reason!

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

However, as gaming evolved, so did the expectations from new video games, and the old Jurassic Park games quickly faded into memory as new generations of consoles emerged. With the arrival of theme park management games like the Rollercoaster: Tycoon series, a new expectation towards Jurassic Park games was born: now that we’ve witnessed the retelling of the story in game format, back in the early 90’s, and now that park management games exist, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could create our very own Jurassic Park and manage it just like we do in Roller Coaster? This thought led to the creation of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, the first ever Jurassic Park themed park build game, in which players were tasked with the creation of a five-star prehistoric-themed park, and make John Hammond’s dream into reality, as per his intentions in the movie.

Suffice to say, with the rising popularity of park management sims at the time, the game was received favorably by both fans and critics alike. However, like most novel ideas at the time, the game ultimately fell flat on its face due to lack of content after the players had managed to create a self-sustainable park, which took away from its replay value.

This is where Jurassic World: The Game comes in, which was released as a tie-in for the Jurassic World movie starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. It was meant to take the classic Operation Genesis formula, and port it to mobile devices in a downloadable format, which could be constantly updated to keep it fresh with events and new structures.

If this introduction to the newest mobile Jurassic Park game wasn’t enough to convince you to try it out, then read on to find 5 more reasons why you should play Jurassic World: The Game.

1. It’s Based on Another Popular Game

We’re not talking about Operation Genesis this time, even though JW:TG takes many elements from this game. No, we’re talking about Jurassic Park Builder, a 2012 park-building sim with plenty of elements also from Operation Genesis. This game was developed and released by Ludia, the company also responsible for JW:TG, and consisted of a freemium game (free with in-app purchases) for Android, iOS, and Facebook, where the players were tasked with the building and upkeep of a Jurassic Park theme park.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

The players begin with a home base, which they must expand upon by clearing the land. They must also create dinosaur specimens to populate the park. This is done by finding prehistoric mosquitoes trapped in amber, which the researchers may attempt to reverse engineer the dinosaur DNA in order to create specimen for the exhibitions.

In 2015, a huge update to this game, called Jurassic World: The Game, was released. This was in an attempt to tie-in the game with the movie and added the appearance of some of its characters, including Owen and Claire (Pratt and Dallas Howard’s characters). Beside the park building element, this game also features a battle arena where players can pit two dinosaurs against each other in turn-based battles. The game features more than 50 dinos, which can be combined at level 40 to create unique hybrids.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

2. It Takes the Best Parts of the Movie and Focuses on Them

The 2015 movie was great, there’s no doubt about it. However, as a film, it has a certain obligation to the viewers, such as giving some background information about the setting through its narrative, but ultimately moving the plot along to its inevitable outcome. This could leave some fans wishing for more information about the park itself, as its basically expanding upon Hammond’s idea in the original films.

That being said, while the movie focuses more on its characters and their struggles (as it should), the game gives the players more insight towards the park itself and gives them the opportunity to work in favor of constructing the best dino-themed park the world has ever seen. Furthermore, since this game is intended to tie into the movie, the players are essentially building the park where the events of the film play out! How’s that for a brain teaser?

3. It Has a Bit to Offer to Everybody

Let’s say you’re not too big on the park building elements and you just want to see some dinos duke it out. Well, JW:TG lets you do just that. Through DNA and genetic engineering, the player can create their own dinosaur specimens, most of which are intended to fill the exhibitions of the park. However, players can also pit their favorite dinosaurs against specimens from other players in turn-based battles in order to find out who is the strongest.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

These battles are simplistic, but have a layer of strategy to them, which makes them more engaging for those who really want to see two dinos face off in battle.

4. Mix and Match Dinos

This game has a bit of a mad scientist element to it, just like the unethical researchers in the movie had, combining genes from species to create bigger, badder dinosaurs. In that sense, players can also combine genes from dinosaurs that have reached level 40 in order to create new specimens. For instance, you can combine velociraptor DNA with T-Rex DNA in order to create the famous Indominus Rex, which is a huge, stealthy, and very swift version of the iconic T-Rex, and which was the main baddie of the movie. Isn’t that awesome?

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

5. It’s Beautiful and Has Been Received Well

We know it’s difficult to get into the game that’s simply not good, only through brand loyalty. Such is the case for most movie-licensed games, unfortunately. However, this isn’t the case with JW:TG. It is a great successor to Jurassic Park Builder and has plenty in store for players who are looking to sink hours into a dino park builder sim. If anything, the game also looks positively spectacular, and runs very good, especially if you play it on BlueStacks, which allows you to better appreciate the graphics on a bigger screen, and helps it to run better since most computers are more powerful than phones by several degrees. Plus, you can simply send the game to the background if you need to research something in your browser and come back to the game whenever you want, which is something you can’t do on most phones.

5 Reasons Why You Should Play Jurassic World: The Game

If you’re looking to have the most fun with this game, be sure to download it from the BlueStacks app center, which also comes with optimized controls for mouse and keyboard so you can hop right into the action.