Best Games To Play On BlueStacks: Part 2

Best Games To Play On BlueStacks: Part...

If you liked the first article we’ve prepared and want to see more games you can play on BlueStacks, keep reading. We have selected and listed the best Android games in various categories for you. You can download all the games in this article via BlueStacks and start playing right away. Do not forget to share your experiences with us in the comments section!



Best Action RPG Games To Play On BlueStacks

Almost all action RPG games on the Android platform fall into the “grind” category. This is a term used for Korean-made ARPGs and to describe games where you have to repeat the same actions over and over to gain a level. This action is usually killing monsters: In order to reach the last level in grind games, you can only kill the enemies around and do nothing else. There is a story but it is very weak and you do not have to follow it. These kinds of games, in a real sense, start at the last level: You have to reach the final level to get valuable awards by joining the raids and completing group tasks. For this reason, it is necessary to reach that level as quickly as possible.



This means that you have to do the same type of actions for a long time – welcome to grinding. It’s hard to do this on the small screens of mobile phones. First of all, you have difficulty seeing your surroundings! The interfaces of ARPG games cover a large part of the screen and you cannot even see where to go. Choosing a specific target is also difficult because there are dozens of enemies on the screen – “touching” the right one is challenging. These games are designed to be played with the mouse and keyboard: The touch-based controls only make the job difficult.



If you like Diablo III and want to get the same experience on mobile versions of the games, BlueStacks can help you. Playing mobile ARPG games on BlueStacks is no different than playing Diablo III on your computer. You can get the same comfort, ease of control, and fun. Once you start using your mouse and keyboard, even the most challenging grind games become enjoyable. It is also very easy to communicate with other players: You can write messages in a practical way using your keyboard, while continuing to kill monsters. Trust us: You need to use BlueStacks to fully enjoy mobile ARPG games. Here are the games we recommend to you in this category:




There are multiple reasons for choosing Dark III: This game is known to be one of the first games in the mobile ARPG category, and it is the first game to use some specific mechanics (such as offline leveling) that are imitated by other ARPG games. Even its story is copied by other games! Speaking of story, it has a simple and fun one: Think Rambo has been thrown into an adventure in the Lord of the Rings world. A “bad” wizard has stolen lots of magic books and you have to take them back one by one. For every book you return, you get a skill. You have to get all the books and unlock all the skills before reaching the last level.



Almost every feature in the game can gain levels and become powerful. In addition to your character, you can level your equipment, runes, and even your mount. On average, a new feature gets unlocked every 20 levels. These include dungeons, daily missions, and even PvP matches that are reset every day. In other words, until the last level, you can always find something to do.



But DARK III is still a grind game. So reaching the last level is going to be extremely long and it will get boring to repeat the same things sooner or later, no matter how many features the game has. If you are playing on your mobile phone, it will be even more boring and long due to limited multitasking ability: You need to keep the game open and “touch” somewhere every few minutes.



Using BlueStacks, you can reach the last level much more comfortably and quickly. Open the game through BlueStacks and activate the automatic combat. Surf the web by opening another window or work on a document. Do whatever you want on your PC: Your hero will continue fighting for hours and gain XP points without you having to intervene. You cannot do this on mobile phones: It’s only possible with the multitasking features you get with BlueStacks. If you return to the game a few hours later, you will find your hero gained dozens of levels. Reaching the last level in grind games has never been so quick and easy.

Action RPG Alternatives: Rings of Anarchy and Goddess: Primal Chaos

All alternatives in this category are a copy of Dark III: They use exactly the same mechanics and even the same story. They are almost identical in terms of general graphic qualities and art styles too: At first glance, you might think that they were all developed by the same studio. However, Rings of Anarchy (RoA) and Goddess: Primal Chaos (GPC) still manage to be remarkable alternatives.




GPC has slightly more advanced graphics and is generally the best looking game. Contrary to Dark III, some features are unlocked earlier and it offers a smoother leveling experience in this context. RoA is probably the ARPG game with the most features: In almost every 10 levels, a new feature becomes usable. Although the main objectives and mechanics are still the same, RoA and GPC are still able to offer something different.



This difference is especially true for the offline battle system. All games have this system: Even when you are not playing, your hero can fight “offline”. However, the duration of offline combat is quite limited in Dark III. In addition, your hero is not very successful at healing himself. RoA and GPC both offer longer durations, as well as more detailed pre-defined controls. For example, you can determine when and under what circumstances your hero should use a health potion more easily in this game.



If you like ARPG games, we suggest you give all of them a chance. All three are popular games and you will not have difficulty finding people to play with. BlueStacks will make the leveling experience more comfortable for all three.


Best MOBA Games to Play On BlueStacks

If you’ve played a MOBA game before, you know how important it is to be in control of the map. MOBA maps have an average of 3 lanes and you should be able to see all of them at once: It is almost impossible to do this on the small screens of mobile devices. If you cannot dominate the battlefield and switch quickly between lanes, it is up to luck which team wins the match.



In addition, you need a very precise control scheme when engaging an enemy hero: You need to make quick decisions when to retreat and when to attack. If you “touch” the wrong place, you will lose a battle you could have won. It is quite troublesome to go back to your base and re-stock too, because your fingers are not sensitive enough and fast: Even a simple re-stocking can cause you to lose valuable minutes.



Using BlueStacks, you get lane domination before anything else. Since you get a wider point of view, you can see which lane needs defense and which one needs to be attacked. It is also easy to switch between lanes: A simple click of the mouse will be enough. Since you get more precise controls, you can act faster than enemy heroes too. How many times did you die because you could not manage to stay outside the range of a tower? With keyboard and mouse controls, you can easily calculate tower ranges and keep the battlefield under control. Re-stocking will last for seconds with the mouse + keyboard support: You can return to the battle faster. In short, you can get the same PC MOBA experience on the mobile platform too- BlueStacks lets you do that. Below, you can see the best games we have selected in this category.

Mobile Legends



Mobile Legends is one of the most popular MOBA games at the moment and there is a reason for that: it uses the same game mechanics as League of Legends (LoL) on the PC platform. This similarity is so much that even Riot Games, the developer of LoL, sued them (and won). Probably every MOBA player tried League of Legends at least once. Well, when you play Mobile Legends you won’t be noticing any difference: It is like playing almost the same game.

Even though most features have been copied from LoL, Mobile Legends still offers a highly refined MOBA experience. It is a game that is easy to learn: Do not worry if you do not have MOBA experience before, you will learn everything you need to know about the game after completing the tutorial match. There are dozens of heroes to choose from and each one has a different talent tree. It will take a lot of practice to figure out which one is right for you.



Once you set your hero, you can start to earn ranks and switch to competitive matches. We encourage you to play with your friends, but do not worry: It takes about 10 seconds to find a match even if you do not have a friend who plays Mobile Legends. The game is so popular that you can find a game you can join every hour of the day. Your goal is to kill the enemy minions, destroy the towers, and demolish the rival base. While trying to do all of these, you will encounter enemy heroes too. You can choose to kill them or run from them – the decision is yours. But remember that you cannot succeed only by attacking: Like every MOBA game, Mobile Legends also requires teamwork and you must find a balance between defense and attack.



MOBA Alternative: Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos (HoC) could easily be the most underrated mobile MOBA game. There are other alternatives that we can list in this category, but almost all of them are the same as Mobile Legends – they have no original features. HoC is actually the first mobile MOBA game ever developed, and perhaps the one that offers the most unique maps. Mobile Legends maps are very similar to League of Legends. The HoC maps, on the other hand, are really different and original: It makes you feel like you are playing a different game.



Of course, there is no difference in terms of general mechanics: You are still trying to kill enemy heroes and destroy your rival’s base. But HoC’s originality lies in its details. The number of heroes is less (60), but each one is meticulously worked on, and no hero feels like a copy of another. It is important to learn the maps because each one has a different lane setup, or contain a feature which makes lane passing easier. Learning these will give you an advantage. In Mobile Legends, however, even if you are playing for the first time on a map, you can still be successful by using an aggressive game style. In HoC, the team that knows the map better is more advantageous.



Since it is one of the oldest mobile MOBA games, we can also say that it is the less problematic one. There is almost no DC (disconnect) problem and you get a more stable experience. HoC has recently lost a large part of its player base to Mobile Legends, but the game still stands out as an option that deserves playing. If you want to try a unique MOBA game, we recommend you give HoC a chance.


Best Story-Driven Games To Play On BlueStacks

A good story-driven game offers the best immersive experience you can get: You can play for hours to find out what happens in the story. It’s like reading a book in which your decisions determine what happens next. However, there is a lot of text you need to read and it can be tiring to read them on the small screens of mobile devices. In addition, you will often not be able to replay when the story is over. You won’t be able to learn how the story will change if you made different decisions.



BlueStacks makes it much easier to read texts before anything else: Thanks to the big screen support, you will not have any trouble reading and your eyes won’t get tired. In addition, you do not have to worry about how the story would change if you had a different decision. With the BlueStacks multi-instance feature, you can create different sessions and replay the games as many times as you like. Moreover, you do not need to wait for the game to finish: You can play multiple games at the same time and make different decisions each time. You get to see all the endings: BlueStacks makes your immersive experience much more effective and lasting.



The games we recommend to try in this category are:

The Walking Dead: Road To Survival



The Walking Dead: Road To Survival is a game based on the same named TV show and comics. In a world full of zombies, you are trying to fight and survive. After you set up your base, the story moves fast and some famous characters like Negan and Carl will be joining you.




To continue surviving, you must collect resources, expand your base, and send teams to scavenge quests. The members of your teams can have different abilities: Some are better at firing, others have the ability to heal.



The combat system is turn-based but quite dynamic. The game requires both micro and macro management. But the most striking feature is the story: If you are familiar with the world of “The Walking Dead”, the joy you get from the story will be much more. You can meet almost all the famous characters and join a faction just like in the comic books. The story has lots of twists until the end, just like the original story of the Walking Dead.

Story-Driven Game Alternative: Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is not a very well-known game but it may be the most underrated story-driven title. Most of the players will see it as a “child game”. However, as known, Harry Potter’s world is well known to adults too. Hogwarts Mystery appeals to players of all ages and offers a quite immersive and dynamic story. Even if you’re not familiar with Harry Potter lore, you will enjoy the story of the game.




Hogwarts Mystery will show you how decisions can change the course of the entire story: There are no right or wrong decisions, just different endings. You can literally see a different ending each time. The “point” mechanic, which is an important part of the game, allows each decision you make a different house more powerful and changes the behavior of NPC characters around you. If you want to play a real story-driven game, Hogwarts Mystery will be one of the best choices.



There are many more categories to consider, but we think these are sufficient for the start. The games we listed above will allow you to have fun for days. Whatever type of games you like, playing them through BlueStacks will give you an advantage. If you also have a list of games that you recommend to play through BlueStacks, let us know in the comments.

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