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How to Enjoy Harbingers – Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

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It looks like it’s release season in the mobile game industry as we’re just flooded with awesome new titles to play and review. Today, we just discovered a brand new gacha RPG called Harbingers – Last Survival which, at a glance, features one of the most gorgeous art styles we’ve seen in a mobile game, so far. And considering the number of titles we play and review every week, you can definitely believe us when we make such bold claims.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

However, a game is not all about graphics; you need to be able to play it and have fun, too! Luckily, when it comes to levels of fun, Harbingers exceeds our expectations in many ways.

What’s it About?

In typical gacha fashion, you can expect all the standard bells and whistles such as team building, summoning, beating levels, and so on. This is pretty much commonplace in these types of games. However, each title in the gacha genre has its own distinct feel and pacing, which is mostly provided by the narrative, as well as the presentation and art style.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

In terms of visuals, Harbingers is VERY reminiscent of Persona 5. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if we find out the developers borrowed some ideas directly from the popular console RPG of the Shin Megami Tensei series. Nevertheless, the game is gorgeous to look at, which is something that we’re sure won’t fade away soon as we spend hours upon hours unlocking new characters and building our teams.

In this gacha game, you play as the commander of a group of characters from famous time periods, known as a “Connector”. Your team members, on the other hand, are known as “Harbingers” and they’re sworn to be at your service and to keep peace in the world under your direction. Shortly after the game starts, a zombie outbreak happens and you must take your team to defuse the situation.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

Battles in this game play in your typical real-time fashion, with your characters attacking the enemy automatically. As the battle progresses, your character’s ultra skill progressively charges up. Once this meter fills, you can click on the character’s portrait to have them use their ultra skill on their next turn. The objective is to build your team with powerful characters in order to advance through the story, unlock everything the Harbingers has to offer, and start grinding to enter the meta.

Those who are experienced in the gacha RPG genre will have no trouble at all getting used to the pacing in Harbingers – Last Survival, as it plays pretty much the same as any other title in this category. However, while the basic gameplay is easy to grasp, even if you’re a newcomer, there are ways in which you can streamline and optimize your gameplay.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

Whether you’re a hardcore reroller hellbent on unlocking the best team from the very beginning, or a casual player looking to improve their experience with this gacha RPG, BlueStacks has something to offer for everyone who plays Harbingers.

Break the Competition With Improved Controls

Those who are familiar with these types of games will know they all have a unique pacing to them in the form of their narratives and stories. Nevertheless, the basic premise, for the most part, remains unchanged. For this reason, regardless of the game you’re playing, you’ll find yourself beating levels, summoning characters, upgrading your team, and taking on challenges of increasing difficulty in order to progress—or, at the very least, a slight variation of any of these tasks.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

The simplicity of each individual aspect in these games makes them very easy to streamline using our BlueStacks tools. Whether you’re in combat against a tough boss, rerolling to pull powerful characters, or simply navigating the menu upgrading your team and unlocking new stuff, BlueStacks has something to offer you at every turn.

For starters, the Keymapping Tool is one of the strongest features of our emulator, which can significantly improve your experience when playing Harbingers. The concept of this tool is simple: If you have a mouse and keyboard—which, since you’re on a PC, you have no reason not to have them—BlueStacks will take full advantage of them when you’re playing your favorite mobile games, including Harbingers.

Play Harbingers – Last Survival on BlueStacks

By allowing you to create versatile and intuitive control schemes, the Keymapping Tools turns the uncomfortable experience of playing mobile game on your phone into pure bliss as you can access every menu, beat every battle, and unlock every challenge in Harbingers using your mouse and keyboard. Even if, for some crazy reason, you decide to not use the Keymapping Tool, playing on BlueStacks automatically means better graphics, better performance, and much better precision at all times since you’re playing on a large monitor instead of a cramped phone screen.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

Reroll With Ease

We’ve mentioned the topic of rerolling several times in this article as this is something in which BlueStacks can help you tremendously. For those who are unfamiliar, the term “rerolling” in gacha games like Harbingers refers to using your initial summoning attempt after completing the tutorial, which is usually free, and restarting the game if you’re not happy with the results. After several tries (or just a few, if you’re lucky), you’ll pull a strong character, after which you stop rerolling, bind your account so your data is stored in the cloud, and start the game properly with a powerful team.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

However, while rerolling is a great way to start on the right foot in any gacha game, it’s a process that can take a long time, especially if you’re unlucky like us. Fortunately, the BlueStacks Instance Manager helps you to expedite the rerolling process in Harbingers by allowing you to summon with multiple accounts simultaneously.

In a nutshell, the Instance Manager is another BlueStacks feature through which you can create several iterations of our emulator, using different Google accounts. Think of it as running several BlueStacks at one moment, and using each of them to access Harbingers – Last Survival. By playing on multiple simultaneous accounts, you can reroll twice as much as than when playing on a single instance. You can reroll even more by creating three, four, or how many instances your computer can handle.

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

Streamline and Accelerate Farming on Multiple Instances

For added comfort when farming and rerolling, we’ve also implemented the Multi-Instance Sync, which is a feature used in conjunction with the Instance Manager. Once activated, this feature synchronizes the actions you perform on one instance, across the other active iterations. Since the tutorial is always the same every time you restart in Harbingers, you can simply activate the Sync feature, play on your main instance, and have BlueStacks mirror your actions on the rest. This will save you so much time that, otherwise, you’d have to spend progressing on each instance individually.

Suffice to say, there’s a lot to be gained from playing Harbingers – Last Survival on BlueStacks. The tools we offer provide you with the very best experience when playing any mobile game on your PC, especially gacha RPGs like this one. If you’re looking for the very best experience in mobile gaming, then you can’t go wrong with BlueStacks!

How to Enjoy Harbingers - Last Survival on PC With BlueStacks

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