Pre-Register For Iron Throne and Get $100 Worth of Loot for Free

Pre-Register For Iron Throne and Get $100...

If 5 reasons we gave you to try the Iron Throne are not enough to convince you, a free loot offer can change your mind. Iron Throne, which will be released on May 16th, is offering in-game loot worth $ 100 to anyone who participates in the pre-registration.

Have we peaked your interest now?

How to Get the Precious Loot

This is a promotional event which consists of multiple steps. The goal is to increase the number of players that complete the pre-registration as much as possible. The event is divided into various tiers, and as these tiers are completed, the number of rewards being unlocked increases. In the table below, you can see both the rewards and the stage of the event:

1.000 gold Completed, unlocked
Dimensional Conqueror Helm Completed, unlocked
Dimensional Conqueror Greatsword Completed, unlocked
Dimensional Conqueror Armor Completed, unlocked
Dimensional Conqueror Shield Completed, unlocked
Dimensional Conqueror Belt Completed, unlocked

All tiers have been completed, and all you need to do to get the rewards is to log in when the game is published globally – which happens tomorrow. So, if you are already registered, just press the “start” button after 24 hours and 1,000 gold will be added to your in-game balance. This will give you a huge head start to build and upgrade your castle before other players. In addition, you will find two pieces of armor in the hero inventory.

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However, for the last three pieces of armor, you need to complete some steps. You can get more detailed information about this from the list below:

  • Dimensional Conqueror Armor: All pre-registered players get this item upon joining an alliance after global launch.
  • Dimensional Conqueror Shield: All pre-registered players get this item upon reaching Citadel Lv. 10 after global launch.
  • Dimensional Conqueror Belt: All pre-registered players get this item upon hunting a level 10 monster in the game after global launch (first time only).

Only 24 Hours Left

The Iron Throne will be released only in 24 hours, and if you want to participate in the pre-registration event, this is your last chance, quite literally. Getting a full set of armor for free is a good idea: If you want to get it after the game has been released, you need to spend almost $ 100. So if you have not registered yet, hurry up and join the list. Tell your friends too: The more players involved, the better.

BlueStacks will support Iron Throne from day one and will allow you to dominate the battlefield with your keyboard and mouse. You can also read the beginners guide to Iron Throne on the BlueStacks blog pages pretty soon. Now don’t waste any more time and go to Iron Throne website to enlist. The battlefield is waiting for you: Only 24 hours left.

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