Iron Throne: The most comprehensive Beginners’ Guide

Iron Throne: The most comprehensive Beginners’ Guide

Iron Throne has been released very recently and nobody has any information about what to do at the moment. This huge conquest game has so much to discover and lots of features. Right now, everyone is a beginner: Except for those who participate in the beta test, no player has detailed knowledge of the game. Do not worry – as always, we are here to help you. Our beginner’s guide (and other guides), which we have prepared within 24 hours of the release of the game, will help you identify your goals clearly and gain an advantage over other players. Let’s get started: We have a lot to tell.

Your Goal in Iron Throne

As in all other conquest games, your goal in Iron Throne is to be the sole ruler of this fantasy world. To reach this goal, you must first build your own kingdom, join many battles, and unite with other players. If you’ve played Lords Mobile before, you have an idea of what Iron Throne looks like. But do not think they’re the same game: Iron Throne has much more advanced graphics and advanced features.

Everything you do in the game requires a “resource”, such as wood, stone, and iron. Constructing buildings, raising troops, upgrading your castle … Whatever you do, you pay for it with resources.

For this reason, soon after the combat tutorial is over, you are asked to construct the buildings to gather the necessary resources. At the beginning of the game, you only have a castle: You have to construct all the rest of the buildings.

You will learn how to do this again at the beginning of the game, your personal “oracle” will help you along the way. Simply put, click on an empty area outside your castle and choose which building you want to construct. Initially, the buildings will be completed in a few seconds, but as the game progresses, it will take quite a long time to construct new buildings and upgrade them. For this reason, enjoy free and instantly completed buildings for now. Start by constructing one from each building type – do not worry, the game tutorial is still going on and will guide you in this respect.

The buildings you construct will produce resources at varying rates. By using these resources, you will train troops, construct other buildings, research, and improve your kingdom in general. For this reason, it is very important to have a healthy resource generation. We know you are impatient to enter the war, but do not hurry. The first thing you need to do is to upgrade the resource generating buildings. Your focus should be doing only this during the first few hours of the game. In the meantime, the game will offer you many free resources. Do not use them for now. Until you reach level 5, constructing buildings and upgrading them is quite easy, you need to wait for a few minutes at the most. So there is no reason to use free resources. However, at the later stages of the game, those free resources will be much more useful. For this reason, let them stay where they are for now.

Activating the VIP System

You can increase the speed of construction and resource generation by activating the VIP system. Under normal circumstances, VIP membership requires you to pay with real money, but since Iron Throne is a newly released game, everybody is getting VIP benefits for free for a few hours at the moment. Right after logging into the game, activate your VIP membership and do not forget to get your daily login reward too.

With both, you can advanse faster. In this context, we suggest you join an Alliance within the first few hours of the game. Alliance members can help each other in terms of resources and troops. Moreover, there are special tasks that are open only to the Alliance members. Currently, every Alliance in the game is automatically accepting members, so all you have to do is select one and press the “join” button.

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Let’s Continue With Combat

After the first few hours of construction, it’s time to see some action. Iron Throne has a variety of heroes, each with different abilities. You already get two of these at the beginning of the game: Maria and Haral. Maria offers an increased production rate, and Haral has features that increase construction speed. For this reason, we recommend that you always keep both of them in your castle. Once you reach level 5, the “Dimension Battle” system will be activated. This system contains 9 chapters, each consisting of different levels. This is the first time you will see the combat system of the game, and completing the first chapter will provide you with a free hero. For this reason, start the dimension battles immediately.

Iron Throne uses a very dynamic combat system. Before the battle begins, you decide where you want to put your troops. The battlefield is divided into a number of squares and you can drag and hold troops and place them on any square you like. As you can imagine, the troops in the front-most squares attack first. By examining the troop sequence of the enemy, you must also decide what the most appropriate countermeasure is. But at this stage, you just need to place the infantry forward and the archers behind. Once the combat has started, you can still intervene. It is possible to support your troops by placing spells and special creatures anywhere on the battlefield.

After completing the first chapter of the Dimension battle system, you will get a free hero. Your next goal should be to leave Maria and Haral in the castle, continue with the new hero, and level him up with the rest of the dimension battles and the Monster Hunt feature. You should level up your new hero as soon as possible. For this reason, continue to complete all the events and tasks in the game. Some of these tasks will also provide you with resources. Monster Hunts and Dimension battles will award you valuable items that you can give your heroes. In short, level up your heroes, improve your castle, and get ready for much bigger wars: Iron Throne has just begun.

Now you know what to do at the beginning of the game and what to focus on. But really, we just started and there is a lot we need to tell. By reading our other guides, you can learn everything about Iron Throne. Be ready to sit on the throne: The battle in this colossal world will be challenging and BlueStacks will help you every step of the way.

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