Learn Awesome Spells and Destroy Your Foes in Magic Legion—Hero Legends

Learn Awesome Spells and Destroy Your Foes...

Within the confines of the castle walls lives a powerful mage tasked with the protection of the realm. This mage, while still a novice, has great potential for learning different spells, all of which have great destructive power, to keep his foes at bay. However, in one moonlit night, the realm came under attack. Villagers scattered, homes were boarded up, and the city’s main buildings were taken by the enemy forces. Luckily, the mage was on standby and, along with his faithful companions, took the city back. However, the damage had already been done. And so, the mage set out on a journey across the realm, looking to take the fight back to the enemy and destroy those who would seek to cause harm to his beloved city once again.

Sounds awesome, right?

This is the plot of Magic Legion—Hero Legends, an innovative RPG game with real-time combat that’ll keep you on your toes at all time. In this game, you must unlock new characters to create powerful squads, and set your army against the forces of evil. However, as the head mage of your city, you also have access to myriad powerful spells which, when unleashed upon your foes, wreak havoc and may cause many negative effects. While the game seemingly doesn’t bring anything new to the table, its focus on spellcasting is a refreshing change of pace from standard gacha games which reuse the same formula. Specifically, while you can unlock many different units, your mage can also learn many different spells, which will help to give you an edge in combat.

The focus on spellcasting of this game is great for several reasons. For starters, while you still need to worry about unlocking new characters, a good way to strengthen your team is by purchasing and equipping new spells. Furthermore, in contrast to other games, beating difficult stages is not always about upgrading and optimizing your units, but equipping the best spells for the occasion. In this sense, Magic Legion adds another layer of strategy to a formula that, on its own, would feel stale.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at what this awesome game has to offer.

Real-Time Strategy Combat

The concept of real-time combat is certainly nothing new at this point, even in mobile games. However, in Magic Legion, the spellcasting mechanic complements the combat system perfectly and gives it a layer of strategy the other games seldom offer.

Every battle is fought automatically for the most. Your units will approach, engage, attack, and unleash skills without the need to input commands. However, your main character, the aforementioned powerful mage, can access up to 10 spells which, if used correctly, can turn the tide of any battle in your favor. There are many, many spells that you can research and equip at any given moment. In this sense, while other games require the constant optimization of units and heroes, you could essentially equip different skills to suit your current foe, and come out on top.

This isn’t to say that you can’t develop your units in this game, though. In the hero screen, you can outfit each character with different gear to improve their stats and effectiveness in combat. Furthermore, you can also upgrade each individual piece of armor, further amplifying the unit’s power. In many cases, the character’s gear will greatly affect their performance in battle, so it’s always important to keep them properly outfitted.

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Unlock Awesome Heroes

As we mentioned above, Magic Legion is a gacha game. You can unlock new heroes daily by summoning them in the town tavern. The tavern mistress can help you to attract new units using summoning cards, after which they will join your team and strengthen your ranks. You get several free rolls every day but will require either gems or card items if you want to roll again. Luckily for the most avid gacha fans, the reroll period for this game is very early on as you can save up enough gems to purchase a 10x summoning by completing the first stage. If you’re not satisfied with the results from this summoning, you can simply start over and try summoning once again.

Develop Your Town

In most games, we would be satisfied with just the combat and character development. However, Magic Legion takes things one step further by also adding a base building aspect to their game. At a glance, these elements seem to clash. However, upon further inspection, we found that they complement each other perfectly.

You can choose to construct many different buildings in your town, including production structures that generate resources over time. Resources are always necessary since you can also develop new technologies to increase the stats of your units or to bestow different benefits to your town. For example, by upgrading your Magical Temple, you can gain access to new structures, upgrades, and other benefits. Similarly, by upgrading your farm, lumber mills, and other production buildings, you can increase their capacity to generate materials, which will come in useful in the later stages of the game where everything costs tons of resources.

However, before constructing new structures, you must first liberate the terrain from the enemy forces that are occupying it. By clicking on an empty zone, you can face against the enemy and, after defeating him, you will unlock several plots that you can build on. Keep in mind that some of these plots are locked behind level or structure requirements, so you might need to advance a bit in other areas before being able to access the entirety of your city.

At first, Magic Legion—Hero Legends might seem a bit overwhelming due to its many systems. However, with time, you will learn to manage everything to keep your team in top shape, and your city productive. If you enjoy games with lots of magic and spellcasting, then you will probably enjoy this title a lot. Feel free to download it by clicking on the button below!

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