If you enjoyed World Of Tanks on PC, you will like the mobile version more. There, we said it. We tried both versions of the game and played them for a long time, this is our honest opinion. World Of Tanks Blitz is simply the better game that offers the same features in a refined package: It has more “tanky” combat, less micromanagement, cheaper premium tanks, and much more smooth gameplay. And in this review, we will explain all of these advantages. But let’s start with the differences between World Of Tanks and World Of Tanks Blitz, shall we?

Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

Differences Between World Of Tanks And World Of Tanks Blitz

  • The maps of Blitz are 7×7, 4-times smaller than the PC version
  • The battles last up to 7 minutes maximum (usually ends in 3-5 minutes)
  • There is no depot and barracks in Blitz
  • There is only one crew in Blitz
  • Premium tanks and membership are much cheaper
  • Blitz has auto-aim and auto-zoom features
  • Tanks are much slower in Blitz and there are no fast scouts

World Of Tanks Blitz Gameplay

The game starts with the battle tutorial, designed to show you how to move, aim, and shoot. It lasts about 5 minutes and includes all the things you need to know to start fighting. After that, you can start a battle immediately, there is no story of any kind. World Of Tanks Blitz is an arena game, just like World Of Warships Blitz You pick a nation, get your first tank for free, and start fighting against other tanks. You can improve your current tank, purchase a new one, and make research to unlock new tank types. However, 90% of the game will take place on the battlefield because that’s what World Of Tanks Blitz is about: Tank battles.

Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

The battle tutorial. You move the tank with a D-Pad (WSAD keys for BlueStacks users) and shoot with your mouse.

Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

The main menu screen. All of your tanks will be displayed here and you can choose which one to use.

Since the tank fights are the primary feature of the game, let’s start with the battle mechanics. Controlling your tank is quite easy – in fact, it is much easier than the PC version. Each and every tank has different firepower and firing speed, of course, but the combat system is the same: You can shoot directly or switch on “sniping” mode to get a better shot. World Of Tanks Blitz takes care of the aiming and zooming: Once you turn the camera to a specific enemy, you don’t have to follow it “manually”. Blitz takes over the camera controls and follows the target automatically. The only thing you need to do is shooting.

Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

Attack from the sides: Front attacks are much less effective due to heavy armor.

The thing we especially liked about the combat system is its pace. World Of Tanks Blitz is a much “slower” game when compared to the PC version. This is intended –  the developers especially slowed down the pace in order to offer a comfortable control scheme on mobile devices. This gives a more “tanky” feeling to combat – your precision and reflexes are still important, but they are not the decisive factor. Knowing the battle tactics is much more important. If you know the strengths of your tank, the weak points of enemy tanks, and the map, you can easily gain victory.

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Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

The combat may be slower than the PC version, but the battles are fast: They usually end in 3 – 5 minutes (7 minutes maximum). There are approximately 2-times more tanks per map square unit.

Getting New Tanks And Empowering The Current Ones

You can purchase new tanks with credits, which can be earned in battles or purchased with gold. Doing this takes time of course, as the price of good tanks starts from 45.000 credits. You can also complete research to unlock new tank types. And if you don’t have the time or credits to purchase & research new tanks, you can simply choose to empower your current one. The “modules” of the tanks can be upgraded via research points, and if you fully upgrade these modules, even your starter tank becomes a quite good option.

Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

You can, of course, simply purchase new tanks with real money too.

Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

This is the tech-tree of USA. You can unlock new tank types by researching them.

Tank Commanders, Unite And Say Hello To The World Of Tanks Blitz!

And these are the modules of the starter tank, all of them can be upgraded.

And… that’s it, actually. World Of Tanks Blitz is an arena game and does not contain too many systems. The goal is simple: Get the best tank and use it to destroy your opponents. You can complete a battle or two even during a short break. The battles themselves, however, are still challenging: You must know the strong/weak points of every tank, learn the maps to understand where you can avoid LOS (line of sight), and pull the trigger at the perfect time to score a good hit. World Of Tanks Blitz is not a game that you can “win” by being the first one to pull the trigger. This is a game for those who can wait for the right moment and angle to shoot. And we enjoy it very, very much. Take a look at our setup guide too and hop into your tanks: We will be waiting at the battlefield!

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