No Game Left Behind: Change The Device, Play Any Game

No Game Left Behind: Change The Device,...

Don’t get us wrong – as the BlueStacks team, we’re working hard to offer you the entire Android game collection and so far letting you play nearly 99% of the games on the Play Store. Thanks to our unique features such as the Real-time In-game translator, our users are able to play even unpublished games in the Western market. However, the remaining 1% of the games, still can cause some problems.


This is not because of us: The games that belong to this limited percentage only work on certain devices. In general, we can say that they are “device-exclusive” games: If you are not using a particular mobile phone model, they won’t even be listed in the Play Store search results. And sometimes they show their “real performance” only on certain devices. In short, if you don’t have the devices that these games want, you can’t play them.

Well, not anymore: Now, BlueStacks users can start playing these games too.

What Are You Getting With The 4.50 Update And Why

With the 4.50 version, our users can now change device profiles – this can be done automatically or manually. First of all, let us explain the idea behind this feature, then we can talk about the details. By changing the device profile, you can achieve two things:

  • Avoid compatibility issues: Some games run only on certain devices, as mentioned above. This is mostly a marketing strategy and if you don’t have the device that the game wants, you can’t view or download it in the Play Store search results.

  • Get better performance: Some games perform better on some devices. This is a technical issue, but to explain it simply, the game checks the device profile before it launches and decides whether to activate advanced graphical features or not, such as cutout shaders. In other words, you get the best graphics only if you are using certain devices.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a new mobile phone to play this type of games: You are using BlueStacks and you can get the device profile you want in a few seconds.

Change Device Model Automatically Or Manually

And, you don’t have to be a “tech guru” to do this. If BlueStacks detects that the games you installed will perform better on a different device profile, it will notify you and automatically make the necessary changes.

All you have to do is click the “switch profile” button.

Download BlueStacks And Play Any Game

However, you can also manually change your device profile. This option is especially useful if you cannot see a particular game within the Play Store search results. Change your device profile and the game you’re looking for suddenly appears – like magic.

You can select any of the predefined device profiles.

You can also define any device profile that is not in the default list. However, this option should only be preferred by advanced users – entering incorrect data may cause you to experience some problems with other games.

In short, you’re really free now: The restrictions used by game developers do not limit you. No matter what type of device the games need, you can access the entire Android game collection by changing your device profile. We are sure that this new feature will bring your gaming experience to the next level: Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences with us!

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