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Among Us – Top 10 ‘Reddit’ Posts That Make Complete Sense

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Thanks to the efforts InnerSloth‘s developers are putting into the game, Among Us manages to astonish players everytime. Hands down, Among Us is one of the best games at the moment. What’s even more interesting is that it was played by almost 300 million players in October 2020. Among Us is the ultimate combination of teamwork, timing, and deceptions skills, which makes it a fantastic game. 

If you’re losing games, then it’s time to polish your skills and bring out you’re A-game. To help you out, we have compiled a list of top 10 Among Us Reddit posts that can help you take your game one step ahead.

Here are the top 10 Among Us Reddit suggestions/advice/tips and tricks that you can try out in the game and see for yourself if it actually works:  

1. You will die in 5 seconds

You will die in 5 seconds from AmongUs

In this Reddit thread, user Mr Birb_ talks about a smart strategy in which when you’re an impostor, you can befriend one of the remaining crewmates to earn their trust. Then, you can go by the standard norm of kill remaining crewmates one by one. Another Redditor ‘raking it’ termed it as ‘such a big br4in moment.’ However, in an attempt to pull off this trick, you might get caught at times, so be very careful.

2. They basically asked for it

Among Us – Top 10 ‘Reddit’ Posts That Make Complete Sense

Asking for an emergency meeting at the very start of the game is certainly not the way to win as an impostor. Good ‘Among Us’ players actually use this trick to bait people into voting you out by saying “leave if you aren’t the impostor.” And once you leave, they get you voted out. (F in the chat bios)

3. Some of you may die, but that’s a risk I’m willing to make

Some of you may die, but that!s a risk I’m willing to make from AmongUs

In this Reddit post, user ‘big_noob9006” talks about why going to the ‘Electrical’ all by yourself is a big mistake. At times, the impostors are already in the electrical or heading towards it with the rest of you. (R.I.P) 

4. When you find a sneaky little imposter

When you find a sneaky little impostor! from AmongUs

With his impressive game sense, Reddit user, makysan shows a smart trick to catch the impostor in Among Us. He also talked about what he does in most of his games: 

  1. Write down 3 dots in a piece of paper in the form of a triangle. Now, imagine walking as a crewmate through those dots. You get a log each time you pass the dot. So, if someone goes to the north, you get 1 log and when they exit you get one more.
  2. Now, think of a blue crewmate going to the north (1 log and has only 1 log from the north), and then you see the same blue crewmate in SE or SW. That’s an impostor for sure.
  3. If you go in, you have to go out. (that makes it 2 logs in total)
  4. Practice this, and you’ll become an Among Us detective.

5. Would be pretty cool.

Would be pretty cool. from AmongUs

Hands down, this is the best suggestion that we came across in /r/AmongUs/. How interesting would a game mode be where one impostor had no idea about who the other impostor was? This Reddit post has over 6.4k upvotes and counting.

6. People during meetings:

People during meetings: from AmongUs

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most helpful Reddit posts that tell you how to identify the impostor in the meetings. (The 5 W’s that you should talk about!)

7. Bad Timing

Bad Timing from AmongUs

Sometimes, it’s just about wrong timings when you get caught while killing a crew member in front of another. The lobbies aren’t the smartest every time so; the best thing you can do is to blame the other player in the meeting. 

8. The best settings

The best settings from AmongUs

If you’re wondering what settings are used by some of the well-recognized players in Among Us, then, make sure you check out this Reddit post. Posted by Redditor ‘puikio, the post has over 6.7k upvotes. 

9. Double Kill now?

Double kill now? from AmongUs

Probably one the most challenging tasks to pull off in Among Us. Going for a double kill with the other impostor is never easy, and many things can go wrong in the process. Never go for a double kill unless you’re in a discord channel communicating with the other impostor.

10. I got voted out for dancing? Help

I got voted out for dancing? Help from AmongUs

When you’re playing in public lobbies, anything that annoys other players can be called ‘sus.’ It can even result in you getting voted out. The smart thing to do is after you finish your tasks, roam in the ship, look for bodies, or watch cams.   

Make sure you try out what’s mentioned in some of these Reddit posts in your games and let us know which ones worked specifically for you in the comments section below!

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