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Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

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  3. Call of Duty: Mobile
  4. Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival
  5. Garena Free Fire
  6. Knives Out
  7. Creative Destruction
  8. Battlelands Royale
  9. PUBG Mobile

Do you have the skills to fight it out against a pool of other online gamers on your server? Can you battle against the others and still come top of it? If yes, then Battle Royale games are made for you. Brimmed with style and tactics with a punch of action-packed adventure is all that is offered in Battle Royale games. Searching, survival, and exploration through the maps allow you to strategize through the title of MVP. The shrinking battlefield that brings the opponents to a closer perimeter surely increases the adrenaline rush among the gamers. The extremely competitive nature of Battle Royale games allows you to test your skills at every turn.

Different maps offered in the games deliver a vast blend of several terrains where gamers can battle. PvE and PvP are the selection modes in these Battle Royale games, where the solo and squad battles are always welcomed. Various games come with a variety of different weapons and other supplies that add a kick to the gameplay. We at BlueStacks bring you a list of awesome Battle Royale android games that might test your skills against the other players while giving you a challenge you will surely love to take on.


Love cute zombies? is your getaway to the world of Zombieland. A 2D Battle Royale with 50 to 100 players takes place for several minutes. Players are represented by a circular figure on a 2-D grid map surrounded by the blue zone AKA “The Gas” that has just one job; to force players into a smaller area as the game advances. 

Players begin the game by plumbing their opponents with nothing but their fists and as they move deeper into the game they can get resources to upgrade their standing in the game. As you move forward you will come across hordes of zombies, find crates and chests with the supplies that will help you survive the battle. Also if your character is badly damaged the game provides you with several revival options to go with like the Bandages, Medkit, Small and Big Shields, and Hybrid Potions. Talking about the supplies, the weapons are color-coded according to the rareness of the weapon on the map which is accumulated in a five-slot inventory.

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

With Solo, Duos, Squads, and Limited-Time Modes you can level up your character. offers fresh seasons every quarter of the year with new maps, skins, weapons, features, and locations. Also, the in-game battle pass allows you to upgrade your in-game avatar and purchase some of the coolest skins in the Zombieland. Download and play on PC with the help of BlueStacks and get an immersive experience.


Bang Bang! Here comes a premier 3-D Battle Royale game for the Android gamers from the house of NetEase, to raise the heat this summer. In Rules of Survival a troupe of 120 unarmed people is released onto an abandoned and massive island where they have to fight each other to survive and come out to be the last one standing. Strategically planning the airdrop, rushing to gather the supplies like armor, weapons, and other resources will get you hooked on the game. The ability to accommodate 120 players in a single match makes it different from other games on the list.

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

The ultimate goal is to be the last man standing which can be achieved either by camping through the whole game or by finishing the rivals in Rambo style. The game arena is limited by a circle that keeps on shrinking with time forcing players to engage with their enemies. The players left outside this circle get a rapid decline in their health bar which leads to their death. 

This game can either be played solo or in multiplayer mode where a team of up to five players can be formed. Being armed to the teeth might help a player to last long in the game, so armor yourself and get ready to massacre your enemies. The quality of the rivalry increases as the player moves up the gaming tier. Every player begins at Bronze Tier III and with every successful match you climb up the tier ladder. The higher tiers are not as merciful because Rules of Survival masters in creating tense moments during gameplay as the level rises.

Call of Duty: Mobile (Free to Play)

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the leading names in the Battle Royale segment. Taking its hype directly from its  PC days, the game became a success in the Android gaming community. It has become quite popular and has been seen as an alternative to PUBG, which has led to a rise in the number of players. With the monotonous gameplay of PUBG, Call of Duty has become the most up-and-coming game in the world. The developers have been rolling out new updates which are making the storyline and graphics much better. With the new updates, you can see various fragments of the Call of Duty: Warzone in the new mobile version. CoD Mobile also has other PvP modes like Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all, Search & Destroy and our favorite single-player Zombie mode will be returning this year. You can also customize your weapons in the game to get a more engaging experience.

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

The map contents and animations of the game have completely changed which has led to an increase in the number of installations with the rolling out of the new update. The game now provides the users with full customization of the guns and knives. The users are matched in the multiplayer events according to the ranks which makes the gameplay quite fair and evenly matched. Download and play Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks to get a better chance of obliterating your enemies. 

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival (Free to Play)

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival might look similar by providing similar features as that of other Battle Royale games, but it brings out its uniqueness when you try it out. The game being similar to other Battle Royale games brings on a lot of expectations to the users and it does its job perfectly by satisfying the users. The game also provides a multiplayer mode that creates teams, but unlike PUBG or Call of Duty, it houses 121 players instead of 100. The introduction of more players in the game brings out more challenges and more fun which is interesting to the gamers who love the genre.

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

The game allows you to drive different vehicles, including a helicopter which makes it more interesting. The game is easy to learn which makes it suitable even for first-time players.  This is possible because the game provides you with a simple layout of the controls, which enables the users to learn the game quickly. The game houses many real-life construction buildings which give it a touch of reality. The main purpose of the game comes out when you try it first hand when it lets you strategize with your teammates by using the voice features. This helps in achieving the ultimate goal of the game which is survival. There is only one rule in the Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival, you win the game if you can survive. So, strategically attack your opponents,  hide when ambushed by your enemies or drive out of the way cause everything comes down to surviving if you are looking for a win.

Garena Free Fire (Free to Play)

Garena Free Fire is surely among the most popular Battle Royale games these days. It may not be as popular as PUBG or CODM, but no one can ignore the fact that this game has broken many records, like having more than 80 million users in a day or grossing 1 Billion Dollars worldwide. The game offers endless features for the players to have a surreal experience while exploring the gameplay. 

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

Talking about the gameplay, Garena Free Fire offers the players to engage in a 10-minute short Battle Royale game with 49 other players. One player or team survives in the end to win the Battle Royale. The 50 players start the game together while on a plane and then jump off the plane and land anywhere they wish. Now, all the players try to gather armors, guns, health kits, etc. for surviving and killing opponents as they pass. There are a variety of armors and guns offered by the game to make it even more thrilling and challenging. You also get pet as companions who will follow you while you play the game and they have their own set of special skills and abilities.  It recently surpassed PUBG Mobile as the highest earning BR in the US.

Knives Out (Free to Play)

Welcome to the ultimate challenge of Knives Out, the game which has become very popular in recent times. People have rated this game as one of the best Battle Royale games in 2018, making it the best multiplayer game of the year. It also gained players’ choice award in the year 2018 on Google Play. Unlike other Battle Royale games it has five players in a team instead of 4 with 100 players overall. However, the objective of the Knives Out is the same that is, to stay alive till the end. Some modes available in the game are Sniper Battle, 50V50, Team Fight, etc. 

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

The Season 6 of the game introduced a new rank in the game, “Excellent Lieutenant General”. You can also get apprentices in the game but to do that you need to be more than the rank of “Lieutenant Colonel I”. Apprentices are players with low ranks who are new to the game. Get ready to try out your gaming skills in this fierce Battle Royale of 100 players and survive till the end. 

Creative Destruction (Free to Play)

Creative Destruction is a game that is full of endless surprises as one gets to unfold them all. This game is a sandbox survival game that can be played in the first-person perspective as well as in the third-person perspective. Building and Firing are two actions that lay down the foundation of this super interesting shooting game. There is a lot to explore when one starts to play this game, making it one of the most exciting games for the players. 

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

The gameplay offers a large battlefield where the players are supposed to destroy, build and capture other player’s bases. In this world, there is absolutely nothing that lasts forever as everything that can be built can be destroyed within seconds. Every player is supposed to create a secret weapon which is coined as Destructor, hence the name Creative Destruction

Also, the gameplay offers 13 spots where one is supposed to find the secrets of those enchanted spots. In this wonderland, there are several secrets which the players are supposed to unfold and then lead their way to victory by defeating other gamers in the process. The players will experience frequently changing weather and time which makes this game a wonderful experience. The game is brimmed with surprises which is sure to catch players off-guard, increasing the engagement in the game. 

Battlelands Royale (Free to Play)

Battlelands Royale is yet another very popular Battle Royale game with an isometric perspective for professional gamers. The game has a lot to offer which makes it a fan favorite among Battle Royale lovers. In this game, there are a total of 25 players who go against each other to survive and emerge as the last man standing who is the winner of the game. Battlelands Royale is popularly known for the super-easy gameplay and controls it offers, giving players a seamless experience. Each round in the game lasts for less than 10 minutes, making it a great game in your time of leisure. 

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

Taking the gameplay into account, all the 25 participants are supposed to land anywhere they wish on an island and then they begin their fight for survival. The controls of the game are as simple as you need, with navigation controls on the left and action ones on the right. All the players can easily loot survival items as they move in the game. The gameplay allows you to collect all the survival items automatically. The amazing graphics add to the smooth gameplay, giving you an enhanced experience. Battlelands Royale is surely one of the most undermined Battle Royale games in which players can experience intense shooting while employing survival tactics to eliminate the other players and hold onto the game. 

PUBG Mobile (Free to Play)

PUBG Mobile is a game that needs no introduction. People are mad about this game and the popularity it has garnered in recent years is surely unmatched. We can surely call the game one of the best Battle Royale games of 2021. Officially known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game began catching hype once it was launched. Being a multiplayer game allows different players to form a squad and carry out survival missions in the Battle Royale format.

Best Android Battle Royale Games (FREE to Play) 2021

You can play various modes of the game with your squad while connecting to an internet server. PUBG offers different modes one could try out, such as Battle Royale, Team Deathmatch, Arcade, and Evo Ground.

The Battle Royale mode is extremely popular and is surely the best leaving all the other games of the genre into dust. 

You can play PUBG Mobile on PC with the help of BlueStacks and have an excellent gaming experience. With BlueStacks, you will have an upper hand over your opponents and come out to be MVP or Most Valuable Player for every round you play. 

Playing against the other gamers on an online server is always an awesome experience, making it one of the best ways to test your skills. The above-mentioned games are undoubtedly some of the best Battle Royale Android games of 2021 that you can enjoy on your PC with the help of BlueStacks. BlueStacks is without any doubt a great emulator which will alleviate your gaming experience when you play these Battle Royale Android games on a bigger screen on your PC. So, download BlueStacks today.

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