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Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

8 Ball Pool is a game based on the real-life billiards format of the same name. The game utilizes the standard rules that the physical game has set, making the game easier for veterans to play. In contrast, beginners are more likely to get confused about a lot of things surrounding this game. Since the game’s tutorial phase doesn’t tackle the rules in-depth, let us give you an overview of the important rules of the game that you might miss.

Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

There are a lot of complicated rules in 8 Ball that some players might find difficult to understand. To make things easier, we’ll only give a simplified explanation of the most important rules to give new players a smoother experience to take small steps towards mastering the game. These explanations will serve as an initial point for players to start their learning process, making more complex concepts easier to break down in the future. Here are some of the rules that beginners need to keep in mind.

Winning the Game

Winning the game of 8-Ball is done after successfully pocketing all seven object balls from your group and the 8-ball, once you’re eligible. The player who pockets the 8-ball before they successfully pocket all seven object balls from their group instantly lose the game. 

Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

Players who also disconnect for a prolonged period of time automatically forfeit the game. Furthermore, the opponent will win if you shoot the 8-Ball in any pocket that isn’t the one you chose.

Rules on Breaking

Breaking refers to the initial shot that players have to take at the beginning of the round. The balls will be arranged in a specific order using a triangular rack with the 8-ball in the middle and 14 other object balls surrounding it. The player will take a shot on or behind the white line, also known as the head string. The breaker is chosen at random and usually has an advantage during the game.

  1. Legal Breaks

Legal Breaks refer to acceptable forms of breaking without incurring fouls. For a break to be legal, the breaker must pocket at least one object ball or cause at least four object balls to hit the cushions on the sides of the table. If the breaker fails to do this, the opponent may pick up where the breaker left off or place the cue ball where the opponent wants to perform the break. Needless to say, if you pocket the 8-Ball during the break, you instantly lose the game.

Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

  1. Choosing Groups

Once a successful break has been initiated, the table will be left as an Open Board. While the board is open, players can choose their Groups (solids or stripes) by pocketing a ball from that group. Object balls that are pocketed during the initial break will not place your group but will give you an advantage. Furthermore, if a player pockets an object ball during the break, they will gain an additional turn.

Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

The Eight Ball

The 8-Ball is the central piece of the game. Despite having a solid black color, the 8-Ball does not belong to any group and can’t be legally pocketed by any means other than by directly pocketing it after completing your group. Pocketing the 8-Ball through a Combination Shot (a shot that uses another object ball to get to that ball) also doesn’t count and will result in a penalty. It is also illegal to strike the 8-Ball unless the board is open. 

Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

Illegal Plays or Fouls

The most important part about learning the game – and probably the part that most players fail to fully understand – are those relating to Fouls. Fouls refer to any illegal action that can incur a penalty or even disqualification. The most common form of penalty is returning the cue ball to the opponent’s hand, which allows that player to place it anywhere on the board. Luckily, a lot of Fouls are negated in 8 Ball Pool because of the limitations that the mobile game placed.

Actions that incur penalties:

  1. Illegal Breaks
  2. Prolonged Inactivity during your turn
  3. Pocketing the Cue Ball
  4. Cue Ball failing to hit a ball from your group

**Note: Even if you pocket a ball from your group, you’ll still receive a penalty if the cue ball fails to hit an object ball from your group.

Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

Actions that incur disqualification

  1. Pocketing the 8-Ball before completing your group
  2. Prolonged Disconnection

Entering a Match

The main format of 8 Ball Pool is the 1v1 format, where you’ll play against real people in 8 Ball in real-time. You must choose between different stages that have different stakes. You can unlock the next stage when you win a certain number of times on your current stage. The higher the stage is, the higher the stake. This essentially means you’ll need to gamble more coins to receive a higher reward. Players can only enter the stage if they have enough coins to bet on that stage for the prize money.

Explaining the Rules of 8 Ball Pool on PC with BlueStacks

Coins are the primary currency in the game and are required to enter stages. These coins can also be used to make side purchases like Avatars. You can earn coins by winning matches, participating in mini-games, or collecting mission rewards found in the lobby. You can also earn coins by watching ads. If you run out of coins, you’ll need to start from scratch and participate in the lower stages again before you rack up enough coins to compete in high-stakes matches.

8 Ball Pool vs. Physical 8 Ball Pool Ruleset

The physical version of the 8 Ball Pool has far more rules which do not apply to the mobile game version. For example, there is no way that balls will jump out of the table in this game, so a handful of penalties and disqualifications regarding this aspect have been removed. Players will have a smoother time picking up the game if they couldn’t before because of the user-friendly interface. 8 Ball Pool makes it a breeze for players, especially new ones, to understand everything that’s happening in the game. You won’t have to memorize the entire handbook just to be able to play and enjoy!

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