Heroes in Ace Defender play an important part in the game as they are the primary feature that players will need to look after throughout their time gameplay. The game offers a diverse lineup of unique heroes that each play a specific role in the team to make it stronger and more efficient in battle. Understanding how these heroes work is the key to creating a team that can take on any opponent and this guide aims to introduce all the important points that players need to learn about them.

Ace Defender - A Guide to Heroes

Ace Defender’s Heroes have many important traits that players need to understand. Building a team isn’t as easy as placing all of the coolest-looking heroes in a squad and expecting it to work against every type of enemy, especially in the Arena. The key to understanding which units are “strong” lies in what they offer to a team setting with other heroes. One hero isn’t going to carry your entire team all the way to the top so it’s better to learn about how to create the perfect team today.

Hero Factions

Ace Defender has 3 major factions (Nature, Holy Light, and Moon Shadow) and 2 special factions (Deity and Devil) which play an important role in teambuilding. Factions have two functions which are Faction Synergy and Countering. Getting synergy is important since it gives a huge percentage of ATK and HP to all units affected. Players usually want to build an entire team consisting if at least 5 units from the same faction and a Devil unit since that composition gives the maximum amount of bonus stats.

Ace Defender - A Guide to Heroes

Countering is also a great way to secure an advantage in the game. The 3 major factions have a rock-paper-scissors relationship where each is strong or weak against one another while the 2 special factions are both strong and weak against each other. An important part about making sure that you win against enemies is to counter-pick their team by assembling a group of heroes that have the complete advantage over them so that you always have the best chances of winning.

Character Roles

In Versus Mode, there are 5 types of hero roles which are the rangers, warriors, mages, tanks, supports. Each of these roles plays a different part in combat depending on what type of attack they specialize in. For example, tanks have low damage but they have really strong defenses that help keep the team alive. Understanding how these roles work will give the player an idea on how these heroes work and how they contribute to making sure that the team succeeds in battle.

Ace Defender - A Guide to Heroes

A good tip that most veteran players will give you is to diversify your lineup with different roles. Usually, it’s enough to place one tank and support in the team so that you maximize damage output. Having 1-2 of the other DPS classes will also help the player create a team that has good overall damage types. Balance out your team and try out different combinations so that you’ll understand what your team lacks and how you can improve it further using the resources you have.

Skills and Abilities

Heroes have two sets of abilities depending on the combat mode they will be playing. While the effects are completely different, the ability names and animation are the same regardless of what game mode the hero is participating in. Since Versus Mode is considered as the main game mode, players will notice that the abilities in that tab are upgraded a lot faster compared to the tower defense abilities as the latter requires a lot less firepower to complete.

Ace Defender - A Guide to Heroes

Skills and abilities level up whenever a player ranks up their hero. Depending on the base quality of the hero that you are upgrading, they will have somewhere between 3-4 abilities which are all locked aside from the 1st ability at Level 1. Needless to say, Immortal (purple+) quality heroes are the best since they will have 4 unlockable abilities which will make all the difference when competing against other players. Heroes will not unlock new abilities even if they undergo Unit Promotion.

Unit Promotion

Speaking of Unit Promotion, this is one of the most important tasks that players need to do to create the ultimate team in Ace Defender. However, only Legendary heroes and above can undergo promotion. Starting at blue quality up to purple quality, players can promote units by sacrificing two other heroes from the same faction that have the same quality as the unit being promoted. This will increase the unit’s base stats and unlock or upgrade that hero’s abilities.

Ace Defender - A Guide to Heroes

Once a hero has reached purple+ quality, they’ll need to promote that unit by sacrificing a copy of that hero with the same quality. Promoting units is the best way to increase your overall power rating since this process increases the total base stats that a unit has. The best way to keep promoting heroes is to keep summoning new units. No matter what you get, it’s a good idea to keep them and even promote low-quality heroes since you can use them as fodder for you stronger units.

Combat Power

Combat Power or Power Rating is the value that you get by combining all the base stats of all the heroes in your possession or in your team. Team Combat Power is the only relevant factor since Account Combat Power also includes heroes that you probably won’t use or will use as sacrifices for promotion. Combat Rating determines the team’s ability to challenge an opponent which means that players must regularly increase this value.

Ace Defender - A Guide to Heroes

There are a lot of ways to increase combat power and all of them include increasing your stats. This involves either upgrading your heroes by giving them more powerful gear, promoting them, or leveling them up. This is a constant effort that players will most likely be trying to achieve throughout their time playing the game. Never take your combat power lightly because if you fall behind in the race, it’ll be difficult to catch up with the more established players in the game.