Ace Defender is a unique game that combines the best parts in two completely different game genres to create a wonderful experience that gamers have been craving for years. The problem with combining two game genres is that it’s bound to confuse players on how the mechanics work especially since units and other stuff have varying functions depending on the type of game mode. Beginners will have the biggest trouble since the learning curve can be a bit steep when starting out.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Ace Defender

The best part about the game is that it allows players to do so many tasks despite it being mostly an idle game. Casual players don’t have to go through the trouble of grinding out all the small things in the game but if you’re looking to go competitive, you might want to have more of an idea of what’s going on. We’ve prepared a list of fundamentals that players might want to learn about if they plan to climb the top of the ladder and become the best player in the entire server.

The Importance of Heroes

Heroes are an important part of playing Ace Defender as they are the main feature that players will use throughout the game. There are different types of heroes that players can collect and each plays a different role and unique importance when building a team. These heroes can be acquired through the gacha system which most RPGs have been known to use most of the time. The ultimate goal is to collect all of these heroes so that you can create multiple teams according to the situation.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Ace Defender

To summon new heroes, players will have to collect Royal Recruitments, diamonds, or friendship points to purchase summon attempts at the Tavern. Players can also exchange Hero Shards from their inventory to acquire random or specific heroes instantly. Players will be developing the heroes they’ve acquired to become stronger by leveling them up, promoting them, and equipping them with relevant equipment. Having strong heroes is what makes players rise to the top in this game.

Idle Rewards

Idle Rewards (or Autoplay Rewards) are a primary feature in most idle RPGs today. The system allows players to collect rewards such as hero experience, gold, and equipment that are necessary to make their heroes get stronger in the game. Idle rewards are the primary source of these items in the game as they offer a lot of consistency at the cost of long wait times for the player. Players will want to collect idle rewards regularly so that it doesn’t go beyond the maximum limit which causes wasted overflow.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Ace Defender

The amount of resources acquired from the idle rewards depends on the player’s progress through the main expedition. The expedition is the main game mode of Ace Defenders as it takes the player through a grand adventure. Players will be able to get various rewards from the expedition instantly and each time you advance a stage, the resources that you get from the idle rewards increase per hour. For equipment, the quality of items that drop also increases depending on the furthest stage cleared.

Tower Defense vs Versus Mode

There are two game modes in Ace Defender which are the Tower Defense and Versus Mode. Each hero has a set of abilities that are only usable when playing in the respective game modes. The Tower Defense mode (or Standard Mode) places the player in a stage where they will have to protect the Crystal or NPCs from being attacked by monsters. Players will have to earn gold to place heroes in strategic points around the battlefield to prevent enemy waves from doing so.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Ace Defender

Versus Mode allows players to build a specific team of up to 6 heroes to battle against an enemy team consisting of the same number of units. Each hero will take turns attacking the enemy team until one team is completely defeated. In this game mode, heroes have specific traits and characteristics that affect the strength they have with their allies or against enemy units. This is the most prevalent combat style in Ace Defender since you’ll see it more often in both the expedition and other game modes.

The Sky City

The Sky City is the main non-combat zone where players can improve their team and interact with other players in the game. The zone includes mostly utility structures like the Tavern where players can summon new heroes to join their team or the Knights Temple where they can promote units to the next rank. Make sure to take a look around this area and discover what each of the structures does and how you can unlock them so that you’ll be able to benefit from their effects.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Ace Defender

It’s important for players to understand each of the structures in the Sky City so that they don’t end up missing any benefits that they might overlook. One of the most important places to visit here is the Alliance Building where players can join alliances with other players. Unlocking the structures here mostly require completing a certain stage of the Expedition or reaching a certain level in the game so click on the buildings that you haven’t unlocked yet to reveal their requirements.

The Continent

The Continent is the main combat zone in Ace Defender. It contains all of the different game modes that the player can challenge, each containing a different reward upon completion. The game modes here are also different from each other so that it promotes a sense of variety when playing the game that doesn’t leave the player feeling like they’re in an endless grind.

BlueStacks' Beginners Guide to Playing Ace Defender

The game modes in this area often have a daily reset so players are urged to challenge them every day so that they get awesome rewards that can’t be acquired anywhere else. The main attraction in this area is the Arena where players will compete against each other to determine who is the strongest player on the server. Prepare a strong team to compete against other players so that you can reach the top spot.