The Speed Festival is an energetic racing festival where super racers compete with legendary cars. Become a super racer when you play Ace Racer, the new thrilling racing game by Netease Games Global, the same studio behind Rules of Survival. With this beginner’s guide, we’ll show you all the things that you need to know about Ace Racer to participate in the Speed Festival and potentially emerge as the best super racer in the world. 

Vehicle Stats

Ace Racer boasts more than 80 cars that you can permanently own and drive during Speed Festival races. Each vehicle has its own set of characteristics. 


Every vehicle has a role in Ace Racer. The vehicle role gives you an idea of what the vehicle is designed for and additionally how they can contribute to the team’s winning of the race. The role also determines what the vehicle’s ultimate could be. When teaming up with other races, having one of every vehicle role in the team makes for a perfect strategy. 

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

Vehicle Role In-game Description Example Ultimate
Speedster “With a powerful acceleration Ultimate, this car can easily catch up from behind and overtake all cars to clinch the championship”. Ultra Charge – temporarily increases the top speed of the vehicle and continuously gives charges every second.
Support “Provides various buffs for the team. Please ensure that there is a supporter in the team race”. Air Cruiser – spiral wings are released from the vehicle allowing it to fly at low-altitude and easily overtake enemies. It also gives an Ultimate charge to non-support teammates.
Interceptor “Disrupts your opponents to stay ahead. It is a significant role in the team race.” Exhaust Flames – increases the vehicle’s acceleration and burns cars that meet it.


The higher the level of the vehicle, the more access to various upgrades that the vehicle can have.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

Reaching higher levels often unlocks new Nitro configurations for the vehicle, which gives it new ways to maneuver on the racetrack. It can also upgrade other characteristics such as maximum ECU effect. 


The vehicle proficiency increases whenever you drive the vehicle in Speedfest events.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

Unlike vehicle level, reaching higher proficiencies unlocks vehicle upgrade materials. These can be used to purchase vehicle stances, lights, rare paints, and vehicle-themed chat bubbles.

Vehicle proficiency is directly tied to driver proficiency. Driver proficiency is essentially the sum of all your owned vehicles’ proficiency levels. Reaching higher driver proficiency levels unlocks more game modes and gives rewards.


These are the passive stats and upgrades of your vehicle. Each vehicle has a different set of attributes and is mostly dependent on its role.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

An example of a vehicle attribute is Charged Pursuit (Speedster), which charges the vehicle’s ultimate by 1.5% per second when they are currently 3rd place or above 10 seconds after the start of the race. More attributes can be unlocked by increasing the vehicle’s level.

Driving Controls

The controls of Ace Racer are very simplistic and only require several buttons. The game supports three driving modes: Auto Drift, Sliding Drift, and Manual Mode. When playing Ace Racer with BlueStacks, Manual Mode is the best way to go as it allows you the most freedom in setting up custom key binds.

Your vehicle moves forward automatically during a race so you only need to control the steering. Steering left and right are done by pressing the two large arrow keys. Although, with BlueStacks, you can steer your vehicle using a gamepad.

You can halt your vehicle by pressing on the brake pedal icon. 

Three ‘powerups’ are available for use during a race: turbo, nitro, and ultimate.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

  • Turbo – represented by a fire icon, turbo grants a temporary acceleration boost which works either on land or midair. Turbo is frequently replenished while racing.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

  • Nitro – represented by a nitro tank, nitro grants a significantly large acceleration boost compared to turbo. You can unlock more types of nitro by leveling up your vehicle. Unlike turbo, nitro is replenished by filling up nitro charge which is done through drifting. The longer the drift, the faster the nitro charge refills.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

  • Ultimate – represented by a light purple icon, the ultimate is the greatest powerup that your vehicle has. The effect of the ultimate varies per vehicle. Ultimate can be activated upon filling up the ultimate charge which is done by using nitro. 

Rules of Racing

Ace Racer allows you to participate in solo or team races. Team races can be formed with either random players or your in-game friends.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

The results of team races are evaluated with the Matchup Scoring System. After the race, all races from each team are divided according to their rank. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places of your team are compared against the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places of the opposing team. When you or your teammate are marked with a blue flag on the scoreboard, it means that you are ahead of one opponent. A team needs at least two flags to win the race.

Game Modes

Now that you know the fundamentals of vehicles and driving in Ace Racer, it’s now time to put them into action. Ace Racer has several thrilling game modes that you can participate in to receive rewards.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

  • Practice (Solo/Team) – racers of Speedfest practice with other races on certain tracks to not only test their driving and drifting skills but also to form friendships. The maps are available in turns at set intervals per day. 

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

  • Ranked Race – races compete in a competition divided into 9 major ranks with each one containing several sub-ranks. The major ranks are:
    • Rookie
    • Experienced
    • Professional
    • Elite
    • Expert
    • Master
    • King
    • Legend
    • Ace

Races can be promoted to the next rank by earning enough points during ranked races. The number of points depends on their ranking in the race, whether they win or lose, whether they crossed the finish line, and special performance. Lower-ranked races are eligible for ‘Rookie Protection’ to get Protection points in case they fail in a race.

The Ultimate Beginner Racer’s Guide to Ace Racer

  • Career Mode – earn stars and other rewards by completing challenges in numerous stages. With enough stars, you can unlock special rewards including but not limited to new vehicles, racer clothes, and upgrade parts.