Upgrading heroes is important when you play Among Gods! RPG Adventure on PC as you need heroes to get through the main campaign. There are plenty of ways to make your heroes stronger in the game and in this guide, we’ll discuss all of that. Note that upgrading heroes requires resources such as Hero EXP, Coins, and the like. You can check out this separate guide to learn how to efficiently acquire resources that you need.

Leveling Up

The easiest way to upgrade your heroes is by leveling them up. This can be accomplished by spending Hero EXP and occasionally Hero Powder. 

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Leveling up a hero increases their core attributes such as HP, ATK, P.DEF (physical defense), and M.DEF (magical defense). You can view a hero’s core attributes by going to the Hero tab and clicking on the hero that you want to inspect.

Core Attribute Description
HP The maximum amount of damage a hero can withstand before getting incapacitated
ATK The amount of damage dealt to enemies. It may come in the form of P.DMG (physical) or M.DMG (magic) depending on the hero’s skills.
P.DEF Resistance against physical enemy attacks
M.DEF Resistance against magic enemy attacks

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

In the same screen, you can click on the “Level Up” button to promote your hero to the next level. For the most part, you will only need to spend Hero EXP to level up your hero but at certain points (i.e., Level 20, Level 40), you will need to spend Hero Powder to continue leveling up. Leveling up with Hero Powder often comes with new skills.

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Both Hero EXP and Hero Powder can be acquired by completing stages of the main campaign for the first time. Hero Powder in particular can be re-acquired through the Quick Battle feature which allows you to technically replay campaign stages to reap rewards. You may also get EXP and Powder from doing main quests or buying them directly from the in-game store.

Hero Ascend

At some point, your heroes will reach their level cap and you won’t be allowed to level them up any further. This is where ascension comes in which allows you to not only increase the level cap but also unlocks new talent skills for your hero.

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Hero ascension requires scrolls. There are four types of scrolls: Humility Scroll, Honesty Scroll, Sacrifice Scroll, and Honor Scroll. Note that for each scroll type, there are multiple other subtypes that correspond to the rarity of the hero. For example, there are Rare Humility Scrolls which only apply for rare heroes and Common Humility Scrolls which only apply for common ones. You can view the specific types of scrolls required by a hero in their info page. Assuming you have enough scrolls, click on Ascend to ascend your hero. Every ascension costs Coins.

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Another bonus benefit of hero ascension is that it unlocks talent skills. Talent skills are just permanent upgrades to a hero’s specific attributes such as additional ATK and HP. Heroes can have different talent skills for each ascension. You can check out a hero’s list of talent skills by clicking on the tiny info button on the Talent Skill info page.


You can equip gear to your heroes to further upgrade their core attributes. There are up to four gear slots that correspond to different core attributes.

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Gear Item Affected Attribute(s)
Weapon  ATK
Hat  M.DEF, HP
Armor  P.DEF, HP
Boots  ATK, HP

To equip a gear item to a hero, go to their page and click on the “Gear” tab. You can manually equip the gear for each slot for click on “Auto Equip” to let the game automatically pick the best gear available for the hero. Gear also has a rarity system so that means rarer gear gives much more buffs to heroes. 

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

You can even upgrade a gear’s effects by enhancing them. Click on any gear item and click on the Enhance button. In the Enhance menu, you must first select at least one gear item to be used as a material and then click on “Enhance” to spend coins and upgrade the gear. You may also click “Auto” to let the game pick materials for you.

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

Gear can be acquired as rewards from completing campaign stages or by crafting them in the Smithy. This can be accessed by going to the Main City > Forest > The Heroic Crusade > Smithy. In Smithy, you can generate materials by spending 100 Magic Steel Ore. By combining certain materials, you can create new gear items. Combining gear items results in a higher-rarity item. You can view the possible combinations by clicking on the list of gear items.


Each hero has a certain number of stars on them that indicate how high their base strength is. You can give a hero more stars and make them stronger through the Miracle feature. This can be accessed from the Main City menu, which is the very first thing you see when you log into the game.

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

To undergo a Miracle, you must have duplicates of the hero that you want to upgrade. Mere fragments of that hero will not be accepted. If you just have hero fragments, you can combine them together and synthesize a hero. You can do this by going through your Bag (accessible from the Main City) and clicking on the hero fragments. Usually, 60 fragments are required to synthesize a hero.

Hero Bonds

You can create more passive buffs to heroes via the Hero Bonds feature. This can be accessed by going to the Main City > Army > Bonds.

Hero Upgrade Guide for Among Gods! RPG Adventure

There are 23 possible hero bonds that you can unlock. Each bond requires specific heroes having at least the required number of stars. Depending on the stars of the bonded heroes, you can unlock a greater set of passive buffs. Some of the bond specifications require you to have heroes with silver stars on them. This pertains to heroes that have undergone Miracle past five stars.

An interesting feature of bonds is that you can borrow heroes from your friends or guild mates to complete a bond. As you level up (player level not your hero’s level), you can borrow more heroes.

Level Borrowed Heroes
1 2
22 4
26 6
30 8